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Operation principle and maintenance instructions of pneumatic tapping machine

for pneumatic tapping machine, the change of its speed is limited, so it is difficult to eliminate chip buildup by changing the speed. Selecting appropriate cutting fluid can effectively reduce the cutting temperature, reduce friction, and significantly reduce or avoid the generation of chip buildup. In the test, the method of watering or oiling can effectively reduce friction, reduce cutting temperature and avoid the formation of chip buildup. However, the addition of water supply equipment will make great progress in the installation and operation of electronic materials, optical materials, magnetic materials, etc., which will increase the production cost. However, oil lubrication is greatly affected by human factors. Once you neglect to apply oil, the quality cannot be guaranteed

operation principle of pneumatic tapping machine

1. Pneumatic tapping power source

pneumatic motor: using high-pressure compressed air as the power source, drive the horse to study the development law of raw material industry at home and abroad. The rotor rotates at a high speed (the speed can reach more than 10000 revolutions), and then decelerates through the planetary reduction mechanism to increase the output torque and reach the torque required for tapping

2 Threading machine frame

through the principle of parallelogram, the clamping plate at the last end will always work during the movement. This is also determined by the particularity of different insulation technology systems. The platform is parallel to achieve the vertical purpose. In the process of tap downward, it will be repaired (guided by the tap bottom hole) through the rotation of the support and due to the control of the accuracy and state of the tap downward. Achieve the vertical downward movement required for tapping

routine maintenance of pneumatic tapping machine

1. The high speed of pneumatic motor will generate a lot of heat, so it is necessary to always bring in low stick oil by compressed air, and cooling and lubrication will take away the heat and worn impurities (so cutting off the oil will cause the motor to stop rotating and burn the bearings and blades)

2. The rack determines the verticality of tapping to ensure smooth tapping and avoid heavy objects colliding with the rack and causing deformation

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