Operation safety instructions for the hottest grab

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Grab operation safety operation instruction

this operation instruction is written for grab of large-scale equipment. Grab is one of the primary construction equipment. Whether it can operate safely is not only related to the personal safety performance of the operator, but also related to the reputation performance of the company. Its significance is far-reaching. Therefore, there is a great need to compile and implement the work instruction of grab operation Enron

2. Homework step flow chart

4.1 implement safety first, focus on prevention, strengthen the safety education of employees, and improve their familiarity with safety

4.2. Each homework staff is required to be familiar with the construction process, strictly follow the operating procedures, strictly observe the rest rules, and strictly dress according to the labor protection

4.3 strengthen the inspection, repair and maintenance of the equipment to ensure that the equipment operates without problems

5. Duty of sentry box

5.1 machine team

5.1.1 is responsible for implementing various rules and regulations

5.1.2 always check all kinds of mechanical equipment, seriously organize maintenance and repair tasks, and timely check all kinds of equipment to be repaired to ensure the normal use of equipment

5.1.3 organize and launch the competition activities of aircraft loving, fuel saving and red flag equipment

5.1.4 keep original records of equipment operation and accurately count various data and materials

5.1.5 coordinate with relevant parts to do a good job of single machine accounting

5.2 captain

5.2.1 lead to do a good job in the maintenance of the mechanical equipment under his control, ensure that the mechanical equipment, power matching, subordinate assembly and random things are always clean and intact, do not dismantle and throw away randomly, and maintain civilized production

5.2.2 set an example, strictly follow Enron's technical operation procedures, and ensure Enron's production

5.2.3 use mechanical equipment accurately and try to reduce the consumption of fuel, smooth oil, things, spare parts, tires, batteries and steel cables

5.2.4 strictly implement the shift handover system, accurately fill in the specified operation report and report in time. Put forward opinions on the technical assessment of the crew members

6. Work pace and requirements

6.1 transportation and assembly

6.1.1 transportation

before transportation, the transportation route should be determined, and all bridges, underpasses, cables and wires on the transportation route should be explored in advance to see whether there is enough space and bearing capacity to pass through (the grab host is a three super equipment, length, width and height: 12.2m, 3.8m, 3.5m; weight 42t)

when the main engine gets on and off the trailer, the engine should run at a low speed; The trailer must be parked in a solid air, and there must be special instructions at the front and rear

for all hoisting, please refer to the safety regulations for hoisting operation

all accessories shall be bound under the guidance of a specially assigned person to prevent deformation; There should be a specially assigned person to escort the car during transportation

6.1.2. Assembly step (steps 1, 2, and 3 can be omitted for gb24 grab)

adjust the track width → raise the "a" frame → device counterweight → device boom → bucket body and accessories

1 22345 the assembly process is shared by cranes. Please refer to the crane operation safety regulations for its important matters

6.2. Preparation task before transportation

6.2.1 do a good job in the task of "three supplies and one leveling". Because the grab weighs 60t after assembly, it has high requirements for the construction site. The task surface must be smooth and compacted. A layer of gravel should be paved on the place where the car is easy to sink. Pour a layer of concrete when required. 4. The impact testing machine should be in normal working state during verification

6.2.2 do a good job in data supply, especially all kinds of oil, which should be stored separately and hung with careful cooking fire signs, and there should be fire extinguishers

6.2.3 technical disclosure should be stopped for each operator

6.3、 Run safely "This system will replace the functions of informal recycling channels such as' individual guerrilla army 'and' small crushing workshop 'in the industrial chain of recycling standard beverage packaging.

6.3.1 start before starting, check the engine oil, water level, hydraulic oil level, gear box oil level, diesel oil level and the surrounding environment of the equipment to ensure that everything is normal and there are no hidden dangers around the equipment. do not start If the engine cannot be started after ten seconds, it needs to be started repeatedly at an interval of two minutes to cool the starting motor. If it still cannot be started after three times, it needs to report to the captain and start it after finding out the notice when starting in summer, it must be preheated before starting everyone should always pay attention to the engine of some stations of our company. It needs to be preheated for a period of time before it can be fully loaded

6.3.2 grab excavation handle operation should be soft to prevent hydraulic strike tighten the steel wire rope while grasping and digging, especially when opening holes, lifting and grasping should be adopted pay attention to the slurry surface environment in the groove, ensure that the slurry surface is not lower than the lower end of the notch plate, and stop digging immediately if slurry leakage and hole collapse are found pay attention to the equipment and stop digging immediately in case of abnormal phenomena such as oil leakage and pipe explosion in the process of excavation, if you encounter large stones, boulders and other places that cannot be grasped, other construction methods should be adopted, and forced excavation is not allowed

6.3.3 walking

during the construction and this kind of hierarchical honeycomb structure is assembled by the multi-layer cell wall of the basic elastic unit, the bucket body should be lowered and the engine speed should be controlled at the medium speed; When going uphill and downhill, you should drive at a low speed and ensure that the center of gravity faces the slope

6.3.4 reverse rotation during reverse rotation, start slowly and park slowly to prevent the bucket body from swinging greatly there should be no obstacles within the radius of reverse rotation

6.3.5 waste slag try to make the mud flow back to the tank

6.5.2 if the tipper is used to receive slag, operate carefully to prevent damage to the tipper

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