The hottest liquid crystal polyurethane elastomer

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The research on liquid crystal polyurethane elastomers in the world is active

in recent years, the research on liquid crystal polyurethane in the world is relatively active, mainly focusing on the selection of raw materials, the optimization of process routes and the improvement of physical properties. 3 Spindle speed: 40 r/min-200 r/min (stepless adjustable). Liquid crystalline polyurethane is a polyurethane elastomer with liquid crystalline properties in the melt state, which is connected by rigid mesogenic genes and flexible spacer groups. The material has good mechanical, thermal stability, high elasticity, high elongation and good processability

liquid crystalline polyurethane elastomers are processed and formed by one or two-step polymerization. Various processes, such as extrusion, injection molding and coating

modified polyurethane elastomer heat-resistant polyurethane elastomer is currently tested and studied by many foreign companies with a large amount of human and material resources, and the push type machine 1 is generally used in the single space electronic universal experimental machine project. At present, each tolerance group has two tolerance values, a and B. this technology has been industrialized in electronics and other industries. Bayer company of Germany adopts a new silica fume transformation process and complex stone fiber reinforced prim technology to produce polyurethane composite board, which can withstand the high temperature of 190 ℃

polyurethane elastomer synthesized from 1,4-phenylenediisocyanate has outstanding dynamic mechanical properties, good resilience and very good flexibility. At present, some foreign companies have developed commodities

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