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"Liquid milk coextrusion packaging film and bag" industry discussion standard (I)

liquid milk coextrusion packaging film and bag

1 Scope

this standard specifies the product classification, requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marking, packaging, transportation and storage of liquid milk coextrusion packaging film and bag (hereinafter referred to as milk film or milk bag)

this standard is applicable to liquid milk packaging films or bags made from polyethylene and other resins through coextrusion process

2 normative references

the terms in the following documents become the terms of this standard through the reference of this standard. For dated references, the subsequent breakthrough in the research and development of modified PEEK Composites indicates that it will gradually replace the utilization ratio of traditional metal products in the chemical industry. All amendments (excluding the contents of Corrigendum) or revised versions are not applicable to this standard. However, parties to agreements based on this standard are encouraged to study whether the latest versions of these documents can be used. For undated references, the latest edition is applicable to this standard

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3 terms and definitions

all terms and definitions established in gb/t2035 are applicable to this standard

4 product classification

according to the barrier property of product materials, it can be divided into barrier type and non barrier type

according to the variety of liquid milk, it can be divided into ordinary milk film and yogurt film

5 requirements

5.1 size

5.1 size deviation

unit: mm


deviation requirements

film width

-1 ~ +2

uneven end face of film roll


bag width


nth = "12" year= "1899">5.1.2 printing pattern size deviation

see Table 2 for the requirements of printing pattern size deviation

Table 2 size deviation of printing pattern unit: mm


deviation requirements

overprint accuracy


slitting position


spacing of printing pattern


nth= "12" year= "1899"> 5.1.3 thickness deviation thickness deviation requirements are shown in Table 3. Table 3 thickness deviation


thickness limit deviation

thickness average deviation

thickness mm



nth= "12" year= "1899"> 5.1.4 joint requirements see Table 4 for the number, requirements and marks of joints. Table 4 joint requirements



number of joints

1000m, up to 2 joints; Value= "1000" unitname= "m">1000m, up to 3 joints

distance between two adjacent joints

value= "50" unitname= after the main load is added, the pointer jitters "m">50m

the printed pattern at the joint

avoid horizontal sealing, align and connect firmly, and should not be disconnected during use

joint marking

each joint shall be clearly marked

5.2 appearance quality nth= "12" year= "1899"> 5.2.1 see Table 5 for appearance quality requirements. Table 5 appearance quality requirements



milk film


no pollution, dust and scratch. Good plasticization, without obvious clouds, water marks and stripes; Bubbles, perforations and cracks are not allowed


the printing pattern and text are clear and complete. No obvious deformation and color difference, no deformity and misprint, and no error compared with the standard version

membrane roll

the tension of the membrane roll is uniform, the end face is neat, the surface is flat, there are no obvious ribs, no wrinkles, the printing surface of the membrane roll faces outward, and the core tube of the membrane roll shall not have obvious deformation

milk bag

the sealing part

is basically straight and free of bubbles

the sensory indexes of milk film and milk bag

meet the requirements of GB

nth= "12" year= "1899"> 5.2.2 the requirements for crystal point and impurities are headquartered in Pittsburgh, the United States, as shown in Table 6

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