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With the rapid development of the times, the problem of ecological and environmental protection has become increasingly prominent. From the beginning of sustainable development to today's green mountains and green waters are golden mountains and silver mountains, environmental protection has become the key core theme of society

in recent years, in order to build an ecological and civilized environment, local environmental protection bureaus have focused on raiding and clearly expressed zero tolerance for pollution. Therefore, a large number of enterprises that did not meet the standard and caused serious pollution were suspended, setting off a wave of closures. Among them, the paper mill's sewage industry discharge serious enterprises

in order to meet the sewage discharge standard, many paper enterprises use defoamers to purify the sewage. Now let's let the Chinese paper industry introduce the first graphene polymer battery developed by the Spanish graphene company in cooperation with the University of Cordoba, and show how the aqueous defoamer plays its role in environmental protection

the ingredients of water-based defoamer mainly include dimethyl silicone oil, white carbon black, emulsifier, etc. using emulsification technology, some raw materials that are easy to cause small piston damage and oil leakage are made into water emulsion dispersive defoamer. These raw materials are non-toxic and have the characteristics of fast dispersion, fast defoaming, long inhibition time and stable non stratification when used

the water-based defoamer has good defoaming effect for PVC resin, textile printing and dyeing, petrochemical industry, metal processing fluid, biological fermentation, water treatment, medicine, food fermentation industry

in the process of sewage discharge from the reprocessing plant, due to too much foam in the water, it cannot pass the test and cannot meet the discharge standard. Thus, the emission cannot slow down the production speed. So at this time, the defoamer of sewage treatment plays a vital role. The sewage can be discharged normally after the defoamer is used to treat the sewage and the discharge effect is achieved

defoaming agent can defoaming quickly in the process of sewage treatment. It can suppress foam for a long time, disperse quickly in water, blend well with liquid, and is not easy to break emulsion and float oil. Therefore, it provides great help for the cause of environmental protection

how to use defoamer:

2. There may be a series of policies to implement metallization in the future of recycled plastics

1. According to the different dosage of foaming system, it is also different, which needs to be determined through trial, generally in the proportion of 0.1% - 0.01%

2. Add defoamer directly into the medium environment to be used or dilute it with an appropriate amount of water

China paper industry reminds everyone that everyone has a responsibility to protect the environment. The elimination of sewage foam starts with the defoamer of sewage treatment

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