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Liquid packaging relies more on plastic bottles

this synthesis: over the years, with the increasingly perfect performance of pet and HDPE materials, the aseptic filling technology used by beverage manufacturers has become more and more mature; Thus, higher requirements are put forward for other peripheral devices other than filling technology, such as integration and easy rotation of force measuring pointer, which will slow down usability, etc. For many beverage manufacturers, the introduction of new aseptic technology in product production means a great market opportunity, of course, is also a great challenge

aseptic filling

more and more beverages, such as juice, non carbonated beverages, iced tea, coffee, sports drinks, purified water, pasteurized milk, must maintain good antibacterial properties during the filling process. In recent years, PET bottles or PP and HDPE bottles are increasingly used as containers for these drinks. Some experts predict that in the next few years, the PET bottle aseptic filling market will increase at twice the current rate

aseptic filling of plastic bottles must include the sterilization process of contents, bottle body and cap respectively, and at the same time, these three should be combined in a sterile environment. The disinfection of contents is usually carried out in a short time of high temperature environment. The sterilized bottle cap can be made of multi-layer materials, or it can be a screw cap with plastic. Usually, the disinfection method of disinfection pool or UV sterilization is adopted

if the enterprise chooses aseptic filling, it means that a lot of money must be invested in the whole disinfection system, and the disinfection and washing system must be combined. In this series of links, how to maintain the tightness and quality assurance of containers from disinfection to aseptic packaging is the most important issue for all enterprises. In recent years, the space for container drying on the equipment has become smaller and smaller, because everyone believes that the smaller the drying space, the smaller the risk of container being affected by bacteria. People have different opinions on the specific drying method

at this Drinktec2005, these two different drying methods used the wet drying method with over acidity and the dry drying method with hydrogen peroxide, which showed their own characteristics in terms of efficiency and safety. For example, the dry drying method uses the steam flow of hydrogen peroxide. After a very short drying process, the container can be dried immediately in the disinfection cover

system integration

it can be seen that the aseptic packaging process is reflected not only in filling, but also in the whole process. This requires the whole system to be well integrated, including the selection of disinfectant or disinfectant gas, the pre cleaning of disinfection devices, the preparation and storage of beverage raw materials, etc. the automatic control system and detection device can make the whole processing process realize visual operation, analysis and quality management with traceable detectors

on the other hand, if the aseptic filling production line needs to be repaired, the technician must be trained or qualified in 3.2.1. The shape of the brick is a right angle hexahedron. In short, the effect of aseptic processing is related to every link of the whole process

aseptic filling of milk

drinktec 2005 is the first exhibition that Drinktec has paid attention to milk products or related marginal fields since its inception. Because milk needs to be kept in aseptic packaging for a long time, aseptic filling is undoubtedly the most interesting part of the production line. Driven by the increasing expectations of consumers and the innovation of food, plastic containers are gradually used in milk products. It is understood that about 30% of milk products have now adopted plastic containers. As for aseptic filling of PET bottles, they are mainly used in ultraviolet high temperature sterilization (UHT) milk products, which can be stored at room temperature for up to three months

in a word, the aseptic filling technology and product quality of beverages and milk packed in cartons or plastic bottles will continue to improve with the improvement of consumer demand

bottle labeling solution

the packaging of beverages not only needs attractive appearance design, but also needs a personalized and unique packaging form. For the packaging containers of beverages, labels play a very important role, which can remind consumers of important information of beverages, such as production date, beverage components, etc. As people pay more and more attention to the importance of bottle labels, while the production technology of beverages and their containers continues to develop, labeling equipment and related processes have also made considerable progress. On the one hand, the flexibility of production mode has been improved, so that one equipment can process a variety of labels; However, it must be pointed out that the humanized design of the machine is particularly important for flexibility. On the other hand, the performance of the equipment is also constantly improving

diversity of label materials

with the continuous increase of bottle types in the market, the corresponding label varieties also show a diversified situation. For glass bottles, paper labels are mainly used, which are tied to the bottle body, the back, or the bottleneck. In terms of technology, the common printing methods of paper labels are offset printing and rotary gravure printing. All production parameters, such as printing tension, printing speed, pasting speed, bottle pasting speed, etc., need to be set correctly; In addition, it is also necessary to consider how to improve the adhesion between the label and the bottle body, and how to make it easier for the bottle washer to clean the residual label. In terms of label design, brighter colors will be adopted to present a more shiny and even metallic surface effect. Paper labels can also be used on plastic bottles, or only on the front, or as winding labels

the labels on the bottles of spirits or other spirits are mostly wet glue labels, which are characterized by a sense of no label; Now, many beer bottles also begin to use such labels

on other plastic bottles, the application of film labels has become more and more popular, and hot melt adhesive is used to adhere the label head and tail. The use of heat shrinkable sleeve labels on plastic bottles is the main development trend in the future. Covering the whole bottle with labels can not only perfectly reflect the advertising image of products, but also give consumers more information tips

high yield has become a trend

now, the continuous improvement of the output rate of plastic bottle winding labels has become a very significant trend. For film labels using hot melt adhesive and paper labels using cold adhesive, the labeling speed has reached 70000 bottles per hour, that is, 20 bottles per second. In order to meet the production demand for shrink sleeve labels, the manufacturing industry has produced rotating or wired labeling equipment

drinktec2005 has built a display platform for the labeling solution of curvilinear drinks. The manufacturer has not only brought various label materials including smart labels, micro labels, electronic labels, etc., but also demonstrated various advanced labeling processes

versatility of equipment

what beverage manufacturers need is not only a label. In fact, on the contrary, the type and style of labels should correspond to products. Sometimes, the bottle label of a beverage not only has the shrink sleeve label, but also has the bottle body as a whole and specifically targeted at the bottleneck. So, what kind of solutions do labeling equipment manufacturers need to provide to meet the needs of enterprises

the most critical point is that the equipment should have a modular structure. Because this can make a machine become a multi-functional production tool, and a variety of solutions can be converted to each other. For example, in the label forming process, you can choose whether to use cold glue or hot melt glue. In short, if the labeling scheme of the equipment is diversified, then the flexibility can be expanded to the maximum in the label design. The use of equipment with modular structure not only saves the cost of purchasing other equipment, but also greatly simplifies the complexity of transmission and connection between multiple processes. In addition, assembling multiple devices on one device also greatly reduces the space occupied by all devices

bottle cap is the protagonist

pet beer bottle cap

in order to meet the requirements of beer lovers for high-quality beer, beer brewing enterprises should not only choose PET bottles with good barrier to bacteria, but also vacuum disinfect the bottle body and bottle cap (o2s). Compared with beer with crown cap on glass bottle and beer with vacuum sterilized cap on PET bottle, the packaging forms of the two are not substantially different. However, PET bottled beer is more refreshing in taste

bericap double-layer sealed o2s bottle cap has good sealing performance and is one of the best choices for PET bottled beer bottle caps. In order to test the safety performance of the bottle cap, the bottle body is placed in an environment simulating the highest temperature during transportation. The BERICAP double-layer sealed o2s bottle cap shows good sealing performance. Even if the beer is stored in a bad environment, the aromatic compounds in the beer still have good sealing performance, so that its taste will not be greatly affected. Even if the beer with this kind of bottle cap is placed on the shelf for a long time, it will not affect the quality of its taste

innovation of carbonated beverage bottle cap

consumers now favor sports drinks with screwed bottle caps; In the past, this kind of bottle cap was only used for non carbonated drinks. For general sports bottle caps, if they are light carbonated drinks, the CO2 in the drinks will not be lost due to the increase of internal stress in a warm transportation environment. However, in a colder storage environment, the bottle will deform due to the loss of internal pressure. Another problem is the disinfection of aseptic cold filling, which is also a problem that almost all enterprises will encounter. The disinfectant in individual parts of the bottle cap is still left after disinfection

idea+form sports gas tight tight tight bottle cap

and the new bottle cap brings a new choice opportunity for the beverage manufacturing industry. Idea+form exhibited the gas tight tight tight bottle cap specially designed for sports carbonated beverages for the first time at this Drinktec 2005. Even in the aseptic cold filling process, unnecessary pressure will not be generated in the bottle. The bottle cap rotates only one third of a turn, so that consumers can drink drinks smoothly. At present, the bottle cap has two specifications: 28mm and 38mm

new cap of cool cap of Menshen company

in addition, a new cap called cool cap developed by Menshen company also attracted attention on Drinktec 2005. The bottle cap is suitable for carbonated or non carbonated beverage bottles, and can also be used for three-dimensional small bags or carton packaging. Using the principle of one hand lever, the bottle cap is easy to open. At the same time, because the bottle cap is designed to release the pressure on the side, it also improves the protection of consumers. This kind of bottle cap can cooperate with ordinary filling production line and is also suitable for aseptic cold filling

convenience performance highlights the bottle cap of

simplidrinktm: minimize the risk of beverage overflow

seaquist introduced three new bottle cap products at this exhibition. The first is the bottle cap called simplidrinktm, which not only has the same style design with the mineral water it packs, but also minimizes the risk of beverage overflow through streamlined valve plug control. Whether it is 0.5 liter or 1 liter mineral water, it can be opened or tightened with only one hand. At the same time, the dual design of the bottle cap also ensures the purity and hygiene of the beverage

repeatable tightening bottle cap for three-dimensional bags smartspout

with the joint cooperation of Kapak company, seaquist Co., Ltd

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