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Liquid film has become a new favorite in the field instead of plastic film

plastic film is facing the situation of being eliminated because it is easy to cause adverse effects on the environment. The degradable liquid membrane developed by Shaanxi Sanhuan Agricultural Science Co., Ltd., University of petroleum and Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences can not only preserve soil moisture and heat preservation, but also decompose into organic fertilizer in the decline of rain and light, so as to promote agricultural production and income, and is conducive to environmental protection. At present, the company is building a multi-functional liquid membrane production line with an annual output of 100000 tons

according to experts, the multi-functional liquid membrane adopts the spraying technology, which is convenient to use, low cost and effective to obtain a 1-BODY industrial 4.0 production system. As long as it is sprayed on the topsoil, it can form a layer of brown liquid membrane, reduce soil water evaporation, improve soil temperature, promote the rapid growth and development of seedlings, increase production greatly, and save labor and time. Because the use of liquid membrane is not limited by terrain, slope, plant and field size, it has a wide range of applications

this product integrates the effects of mulching film, pesticides, fertilizers and so on. It is applied to various fields such as vegetables, cash crops, ornamental plants, seedling cultivation and crop production. It can make crops emerge 2 ~ 4 days earlier and mature 3 ~ 10 days earlier; Corn, wheat and other grain crops increased by 10% - 29%, potatoes, melons 5, force value, displacement, deformation cleared; Click to run (if there are pre pull vegetables, peanuts and other cash crops, the production will increase by 10% ~ 50%. The test results show that this liquid film can replace the traditional plastic film, and the market prospect is broad.

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