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The school of pharmacy of Tianjin University held an instrument training activity

the person in charge of the enterprise once again announced that another 25million euros would be invested in the production of polyamide and plastic low building curtain wall rainwater leakage performance testing method gb/t 15228 (9) level 4 products

recently, the academic and Cultural Promotion Association of the school of pharmacy held an instrument training activity in the instrument testing center of the school of pharmacy. More than 40 2013 master's students from the College of pharmacy entered the instrument testing center of the college and made "intimate contact" with various instruments and equipment of the college. Under the careful explanation of teacher Jin Xinghua, the instructor of the instrument and equipment center, the students have a deeper understanding of the operation of instruments and workstation applications such as ultraviolet spectrophotometer, infrared spectrophotometer, element analyzer, gas chromatograph, high performance liquid chromatograph, automatic optical rotation spectrometer, liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry, spray dryer, etc. During Jin Xinghua's explanation, the students also discussed with the teacher about the difficult problems encountered in the operation of the instrument, and exchanged their experiences with each other. They also learned more about the safety hazards caused by the construction of large laboratories and professional training, training process and other related fields

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