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Instruments and meters help ranking analysis of urban ambient air quality

compared with soil pollution control, China has rich experience in air quality monitoring and treatment. The subsidiary has purchased from the parent company. The issuance of this plan will once again improve the level of environmental governance in China under different conditions of use, and boost the development of instrument and meter enterprises

in order to further implement the relevant requirements of the action plan for the prevention and control of air pollution and promote local governments in China to carry out the prevention and control of air pollution, the Ministry of environmental protection of the people's Republic of China recently officially issued the ranking plan for the change degree of urban ambient air quality (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"). The plan takes the change rate of the comprehensive air quality index as the ranking index of the degree of change, which is applicable to the national ranking of the semi annual and annual changes in ambient air quality of cities at and above the prefecture level

with the official issuance of the plan, China's environmental protection process is also accelerating, and the "campaign" of provinces and cities across the country to improve the ecological environment and optimize air quality has also officially started. This also means that building an environment-friendly and livable residence has become the main development direction of China's future urban construction. In the process of realizing a livable city, instruments and meters, as the front-line "soldiers" in the field of environmental monitoring, will play an irreplaceable important role. It can be determined that as China pays more and more attention to environmental protection, the future market of the instrument industry will also be more and more broad

the plan defines the calculation method of the comprehensive index of urban ambient air quality, and calculates the concentration of various pollutants in the ranking period (half a year, year) and the same period of the previous year by using the data of all evaluation points included in the national ambient air quality monitoring of the cities participating in the ranking (among them, SO2, NO2, PM10, PM2.5 are the 24-hour average concentration, CO is the 24-hour average 95th percentile concentration, O3 is the daily maximum 8-hour average 90th percentile concentration), Then calculate the single index according to the concentration of pollutants, and finally calculate the ranking period of each city and the comprehensive index of air quality in the same period of last year

from the calculation method of the comprehensive air quality index published in the plan, it can be seen that environmental monitoring data will become an important reference data for urban air quality ranking. The completion of this calculation requires accelerating the construction of air quality monitoring networks in various regions and further improving the accuracy and sensitivity of instruments to ensure the accuracy of monitoring data. For the instrument industry, to improve the instrument production, we are here to answer this netizen's question first. Only by constantly seeking innovation and increasing scientific research investment in related fields can we provide strong technical support for China's urban air quality ranking

this ranking of urban ambient air quality will specifically monitor environmental protection in each region, and once again become the focus of instrument enterprises. With the development of environmental protection activities in China, some instrument and meter enterprises have begun to actively participate in government projects and continue to strengthen the research and development of relevant environmental protection products. It should be noted that in the process of environmental monitoring, the upstream and downstream industries related to monitoring instruments are also important. These industries may have a larger market and have the prospect of slow cooling for PE and PP extrusion

compared with soil pollution control, China has rich experience in air quality monitoring and control. The issuance of the "plan" will once again improve China's environmental governance level and boost the development of instrument enterprises on the basis of the previous ones

it is true that there is still a big gap between domestic instruments and imported instruments. For domestic instrument enterprises, if they want to show their strength in the field of environmental protection such as air monitoring, they must improve their strength and further achieve all-round development, so that they can be invincible in the increasingly fierce market competition

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