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Do you know the life detector, the instrument that saves our lives

the life detector detects survivors by converting heartbeat, pulse, breath and other signals that can represent life information into other energy forms for display, such as sound waves, radio waves, infrared radiation, etc. In daily life, common life detectors include infrared life detector, radar life detector, audio life detector and optical life detector

infrared life detector

infrared video life detector mainly uses the current infrared night vision technology, combined with video display, to provide users with object images of invisible areas. The infrared life detector uses the difference between the infrared radiation characteristics of the human body and the infrared radiation characteristics of the surrounding non-metallic materials such as plastic, concrete, cement and so on, which can also be used as the stretching or contracting, tortuous, shear experimental environment, to separate the target to be searched from the background by imaging

radar life detector

radar life detector is made based on the principle of Doppler effect. The reason why the original medium-sized shoe factory needs more than hundreds of tons of PVC recycled particles per year is based on the time-domain Doppler effect of human motion on radar echo to analyze and judge whether there is life in the ruins and the specific location information of life. It makes full use of the characteristics of nanosecond electromagnetic wave pulse, such as wide spectrum, strong penetration, high resolution, good anti-interference and low power consumption. It only detects and displays the echoes of moving targets such as telecontrol limbs, heart and lungs, so as to realize detection and search and rescue, and create more opportunities for peers in the industry to understand! The purpose of the survivor

audio life detector

audio life detector is an acoustic detector, which adopts a special microelectronic processor, and can recognize the small vibration transmitted in the air or solid with a certain carbon and carbon graphite negative material production technology. It is suitable for searching for survivors trapped under concrete, rubble or other solids, and can accurately recognize the voices from survivors, such as shouting, tapping, scoring or knocking. At the same time, the surrounding background noise can also be filtered

optical life detector

optical life detector, commonly known as "snake eye", is an instrument that uses light reflection to detect life. The main body of the instrument is very flexible, like a snake skin pipe used to connect sewers, and can twist freely in the rubble. There is a small probe in front of the instrument, which can go deep into the tiny gap to detect. Similar to the camera instrument, the information is transmitted back, and the rescue team can clearly see the situation in the depth of the rubble by using the observer

life detector is a safety and life-saving system recently launched by American super vision safety system company in 2005. David CIST, a famous physicist and doctor of Massachusetts Institute of technology, creatively applied radar ultra wideband technology (UWB) to the field of safety and life saving, thus bringing a revolutionary new technology to this field

it is applicable to fire fighting, municipal, mine rescue and other institutions for debris rescue under earthquake, collapse and building collapse. The coast guard, customs, border, port and security personnel can detect whether there are stowaways on the container mezzanine

the safety and life-saving system based on this new technology, life detector, has successfully solved many problems that perplex the traditional safety and life-saving system, making the search and rescue work faster, more accurate and safer than ever before. It is now the most advanced life detection system in the world

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