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Instruments to solve puzzles: two major problems in the cross-border of domestic brands

recently, my circle of friends was brushed by two eye shadow discs, but different from the popular eye shadow, which was launched by major beauty bloggers, these two eye shadow were actually made by the domestic brand "Wahaha". From the Weibo of zongfuli, Wahaha's "little owner", it is not difficult to see that eye shadow disc is the product of Wahaha's nutrition express series products under "dressing marketing"

then, how can a beverage enterprise achieve the quality assurance and high-quality production of cosmetics products? Why has the traditional "Wahaha" changed so much? Don't worry, the instrument can replace bromine flame retardant for a variety of high molecular materials. People can answer the above questions from the perspective of technical equipment and social phenomena

from the perspective of testing instruments and equipment, drinks and makeup are similar

whether it is eaten in the mouth or used on the face, the safety factor of the product is undoubtedly the primary standard that people consider. Therefore, both drinks and cosmetics products need to undergo very strict testing before they reach users

according to the data, leakage solution must be produced. The detection is usually composed of physical and chemical detection, sensory detection, microbial detection and other items. Among them, physical and chemical testing can help people clearly understand the specific content of pigments, preservatives, spices and other organic compounds and heavy metals in the samples. High performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, UV-Vis spectrophotometer, Fourier transform infrared spectrometer, water bath pot, muffle furnace, electronic balance and other instruments and equipment are needed. The use of pH meter, color difference meter and other instruments for sensory detection can make people have a clear understanding of the texture of products. In other words, enterprises can improve the taste of drinks or the fineness of eye shadow powder through this test

finally, I want to talk about microbial detection. As the final monitoring point of products, its importance is self-evident. It is known that people also need laboratory instruments and equipment such as autoclaves, centrifuges, ultra clean benches, dryers, etc. for microbial testing

looking at the contradictions and conflicts between new and old instrument people from the perspective of "Wahaha" crossover

in addition to understanding the similarities and differences of detection instruments and equipment used in different industries, we instrument people should also explore a deeper problem - "why Wahaha" has changed? I think that the reason for the trendy concept brought by zongfuli, Wahaha's "little owner", is the introduction of the test piece

in fact, "Wahaha" has made changes in the launch of new products. "Kelly one", a "private customized juice" launched by zongfuli in 2016, is one of them. After searching for product related information on, it is not difficult to find that this product almost "diverges" in style from previous products such as AD calcium milk and nutrition express. And the conceptual gap between zongqinghou and zongfuli, the father and daughter, is also showing incisively and exquisitely here. At the same time, it is not difficult for us to associate the concept conflict between new and old instrument people

compared with the old generation of system instrumentalists who started from scratch and are calm and sophisticated, the post-80s and post-90s instrumentalists are in an environment with better conditions and richer information, and therefore reflect the characteristics of being more active, bold and daring to try. As a result, there are often great contradictions between the two types of people in the concept of corporate management. This "Wahaha" cross-border activity is the embodiment of the decentralization of the older generation of managers. How much benefit this activity can bring to Wahaha itself is unknown. But there is no doubt that as a traditional and conservative entrepreneur, this is zongqinghou's great concession to the new generation


from the joint launch of lipstick by big white rabbit and MAXAM, to the joint launch of color makeup by Coca Cola and Feishi shop, to the current case of "Wahaha" making eye shadow, it is not difficult to see that actively making changes and trying to innovate in the rapidly changing industry market has become the general trend of the development of established enterprises. Although the instrument industry cannot achieve such a large-scale "cross-border demon", it can still learn from it. After all, there are not a few instrument enterprises that have bravely taken steps, blazed new trails and achieved success

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