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Instrumentation and automatic control software: expect policy support

(China Electronic News) with the acceleration of the pace of industrialization, industrial automation related technologies are gradually popularized in China. In the new era of the integration of informatization and industrialization, automation and informatization in the industrial field have been further developed. As the adhesive and booster of the integration of industrialization and industrialization, the important role of industrial software is further highlighted

the Shanghai special action plan for revitalizing industrial software (year) (hereinafter referred to as the "special action plan") proposes that by 2012, backbone industrial enterprises in key areas of Shanghai will generally use information technology to realize digitalization of design and development, intellectualization of manufacturing equipment, automation of production process and networking of operation and management. This "four modernizations" is the focus of industrial software

industrial software in the field of instrumentation and automatic control will play a crucial role in the intellectualization of manufacturing equipment, the automation of production process and the networking of business management

if the automatic production line in industrial mass production is the "blood" of the whole industry, then instruments and meters are the "eyes" of industry. People use these "eyes" to "diagnose" the industrial production line. Embedded software makes these "eyes" more intelligent in terms of future development. The automatic control system is the "brain" of the production line, which can make the whole "blood" more unblocked

for instruments and automatic control, the special action plan clearly states that it focuses on the development of various fieldbus modules, wireless temperature transmitters, wireless pressure transmitters, wireless data acquisition and processing system products that operate reliably in the industrial environment, forming a complete production process detection and network control automation system solution. In particular, it is proposed that the focus of this year's work is to make breakthroughs in key areas such as electrical instruments and meters with digital network management function, intelligent instruments and actuators based on fieldbus technology, production and energy optimization, and pollutant emission monitoring and management information system

relevant enterprises in Shanghai have carried out meaningful research and exploration in the above fields and have made certain achievements. Most of the automation instrument products provided by Shanghai Industrial Automation Instrument Research Institute contain embedded software, which makes the products more intelligent and improves the competitiveness of the products

in addition, as the supporting unit of the "Shanghai Key Laboratory for promoting the integration of informatization and industrialization", Shanghai Institute of industrial automation instrumentation focuses on tackling key problems in process measurement and control technology when industry needs emergency shutdown, and is starting to develop operation management platform software to improve industrial production efficiency and reduce energy consumption. As the birthplace of China's instrument industry, Shanghai Automation Instrument Co., Ltd. has already begun to rely on the instrument industry for diversified development. Its independently developed DCS control system has been widely used in thermal power, nuclear power and other process industries. At the same time, the company combines the core technology of Fieldbus with the technology of DCS control system. Finally, people in the industry said that they would build a full digital fieldbus control system, so as to give full play to the potential of intelligent field instruments and realize the comprehensive monitoring and deep-level management of the working state of field equipment

however, some urgent problems were also found. For example, industrial software has different characteristics compared with general software, but industrial software is a new type of environmental protection product, which is often sold together with hardware or services. This phenomenon leads to a certain difficulty in enjoying the preferential policies provided by the government for the information industry and software industry at this stage. Enterprises expect the government to introduce more pragmatic, flexible and targeted policies to support the development of industrial software

as the first city in China to launch a special action plan to develop industrial software, the special action plan launched in Shanghai also proposed to improve supporting policies, strengthen organization and coordination, encourage the registration of software products for industrial software achievements, and enjoy relevant preferential tax policies after registration; Encourage the software development departments of industrial enterprises to spin off from the original enterprises and turn to industrialized development to become independent legal entities. Those who meet the qualification recognition conditions of software enterprises and system integration will be given priority and enjoy relevant preferential policies. In addition, it is also pointed out that the research on industrial software specifications and standards, technical research and industrialization promotion will be carried out around the industrial focus. These have a good reference for other regions in the country

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