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Instruments, solvents and test paper check the safety of vegetables

how does the market detect pesticide residues in vegetables? Vegetable markets and agricultural departments conduct spot checks, supermarkets implement self inspection, and law enforcement departments conduct daily supervision

the testing center will irregularly conduct spot checks and management on vegetables entering the market every day, with at least 35 varieties tested. Once unqualified vegetables are found, they will be prohibited from being sold on the market. Recently, Hangzhou legislation stipulates that vegetable production enterprises, farmers' cooperative organizations and large vegetable growers should test the pesticide residue status of listed vegetables by themselves or entrust testing institutions. Those who sell vegetables with pesticide residue exceeding the standard should recover the sold vegetables and conduct harmless treatment. So how do the provincial cities check the pesticide residues in vegetables? On September 1, with questions, I visited Hexi agricultural products wholesale market, Wal Mart in Changfeng street and other supermarkets, and interviewed the relevant person in charge of the law enforcement brigade of Taiyuan Agricultural Bureau

at more than 9 a.m., the noisy scene of Hexi agricultural products wholesale market has gradually subsided, leaving only some retail investors picking materials sporadically, and the parts that can transmit stress are buying less and less. Outside the east entrance of No. 2 vegetable shed, a van was stopping steadily, and several people came and skillfully picked up bundles of onions on the ground and loaded them on the car. "The onion looks good. It can't be made of pesticides, can it?" The buyer asked the boss while loading the car. The boss answered with a smile, "don't worry, old customers, they are tested every day in the market." I walked around the vegetable area and asked more than a dozen dealers. Except for two who said they had not seen any tests, the rest said they saw someone come for sampling every day. According to the dealer, I came to the market management office to understand the situation. Under its guidance, I found the testing center located on the second floor of the office building. There are various advanced testing equipment and operating procedures in the testing room, and a staff member is busy sorting out the inspection and quarantine report of the day. "All tests generally choose to sample at the peak of the night." According to the process, the staff member introduced the specific method of using the instrument to detect. Break the vegetables sampled and extract the clear liquid, add the reagent prepared with chromogenic solution, etc. into the beaker for comparison, calculate a value, and judge based on it. "Such detection is much more accurate, and the instrument can even analyze the components in pesticides."

the staff member also said that in order to ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products, the market has specially formulated a set of systems such as access, traceability, delisting, etc. the testing center will conduct random inspection and management of vegetables entering the market from time to time every day, and the tested varieties are at least 35. Once unqualified vegetables are found, they will be prohibited from being sold in the market. If the same place of origin and the same product fail to pass the spot check for three consecutive times, they will be prohibited from entering the market within six months. All agricultural products that do not meet the quality and safety standards or products with other potential safety hazards will be sent to the law enforcement department for disposal, in addition to being ordered to stop selling and be forcibly delisted

in addition to the vegetable market, many citizens will choose to buy vegetables in some large supermarkets. How to check the quality of vegetables here? "Because the variety of vegetables is relatively fixed and the quantity is not very large, supermarkets implement the inspection of every dish." Tian, a manager of Wal Mart supermarket, said that self inspection is a procedure that must be performed. In addition, they will also check the inspection certificate of products when purchasing and the green pollution-free certification. Led by the staff of the supermarket, the process of pesticide residue detection in the supermarket was witnessed on the spot: a tester took a leaf of lettuce, put it into a test cup, crushed it and mixed it with pure water, and then absorbed a drop of solvent and dropped it on the test paper on the detector, which soon showed a blue color. "This is the qualified vegetable. If the color is white, we will return it for processing." The staff said that it would take an hour to test all the vegetables every day. It is understood that Wal Mart, Meitehao and other supermarkets in the provincial capital have established their own vegetable detection system to strictly prevent problematic vegetables from entering the stores

the person in charge of the law enforcement team of Taiyuan Agricultural Bureau said that as far as the supervision department is concerned, the check on vegetable safety is reflected in two aspects: one is the regular sampling and irregular sampling of 8-12 times a year by the inspection center of the Agricultural Bureau and the inspection department of the provincial Bureau, and the other is the daily supervision of the law enforcement team. The official said that with the two festivals approaching, the city's agricultural law enforcement departments will carry out a 100 day rectification special action from September, focusing on the inspection of the production records of agricultural product production enterprises, farmers' professional cooperative economic organizations, the inspection records of agricultural product wholesale markets and supermarkets, the use of pollution-free (green, organic) agricultural product labels, and the implementation of various quality and safety management systems by agricultural product production and management enterprises

the person in charge finally reminded consumers that while the market and regulatory departments are checking, citizens had better wash vegetables more times at home to completely eliminate potential safety hazards. If vegetables with quality and safety problems are found, they can call Taiyuan Municipal Bureau of agriculture 12316 service

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