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Special robot blue ocean of the instrumentation academy refers to a machine device that has the functions of perception, decision-making and execution, and realizes various special functions by its own power and control ability, in addition to industrial robots. It has great military, commercial and civil value. It is the product of advanced integrated cybernetics, mechatronics, computers, materials and bionics. The special robot market, which received little attention in the past, has more subdivisions in professional fields and is still in the cultivation period, is also quietly starting. As the technology integrator of China's industrial automation, the instrumentation Institute is cutting into this blue ocean of the market at full speed

a small test of overcoming difficulties

the instrumentation Institute has three national brands: the National Engineering Research Center for industrial process automation, which is the only national engineering research center in the field of industrial process automation instrumentation and control system; The national energy nuclear power station instrument research and development (Experiment) center is the first national energy research and development (Experiment) center approved by the national energy administration; The national industrial automation instrument product quality supervision and inspection center is the only instrument professional inspection center authorized by the AQSIQ and CNCA

the party and government team of the Institute of instrumentation is full of confidence in the prospect of special robots: in foreign intelligent factories, all kinds of sensor instruments are used to monitor the automatic assembly line, raw materials, processing, inventory, etc; In the exploration of oil fields and deep water areas, the development and application of special robots are also inseparable from various sensors and detection instruments. We will strengthen the research and development of industrial automation and sensing instruments in China, and thoroughly apply them in intelligent equipment. The research and development and industrialization of special robots will get twice the result with half the effort, so as to achieve real value

however, the transformation of traditional automation and instrument manufacturing to special intelligent equipment is by no means easy, and the current special intelligent equipment project of the instrumentation Institute, the underground traction robot development project, is not achieved overnight

it can be said that the downhole traction robot is a very important tool for transporting logging instruments in the logging work of horizontal wells in oil exploration, which can shorten the logging time by 2/3 compared with the traditional way and significantly improve the efficiency. It's like a machinist 3 The parts of the pendulum shall not be disassembled or replaced casually. Ants can carefully carry the sensors, measuring instruments and other precision instruments for oil exploration, and move nearly twothousand meters vertically and horizontally in the oil well. It should not only have the carrying power of small body with great power and the endurance of several hours at any time, but also have the navigation ability and stable body balance where it points, and be not afraid of high temperature and high pressure. However, at present, domestic enterprises mainly rely on imports to use this special robot equipment, and the latest foreign equipment has not been obtained, and the follow-up service is not only expensive but also long-term

in August 2012, through the investigation of downhole logging of oil wells and the digestion of foreign product technology research in the early stage, the members of the working group of the Institute of instrumentation found that based on the technical accumulation of the Institute in the fields of precision instruments, sensor manufacturing, mechatronic design, inspection and testing, it is completely possible to develop products with performance not lower than that of the same type abroad

equipped with 15 talents in mechanical design, material structure, electrical control, visual sensing and other professional fields, the project team of the Institute of instrumentation began the journey of overcoming difficulties. After a series of key technology research, working condition analysis, structural design and cooperation with professional manufacturing units in the United Nations to develop special components, the technical difficulties such as underground resistance to high temperature and high pressure, gradual change of force with advancing displacement, high-power drive and transmission structure ul859:42 have been gradually overcome, and a high-power explosion-proof traction robot that can transport a variety of logging instruments for downhole operation has gradually taken shape

taking advantage of the east wind, eager to fly high

taking advantage of the east wind breaking out in China's robot industry, the instrumentation Institute, with decades of technological advantages, is eager to fly high

as the industry leader in China's automation system integration, instrument manufacturing, inspection and testing, the instrumentation Institute has already focused on the strategic emerging industries and high-end equipment manufacturing industry of the country and Shanghai, and is determined to give full play to the industry advantages in key technologies, common technologies, application technologies and testing standards on the basis of the original industry technology reserves, and carry out technological innovation, integrated innovation and collaborative innovation, Promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into intelligent projects and industries

at present, relying on its own technological accumulation and industrial resources, the Institute has carried out good cooperation with Daqing Oilfield, Xinjiang Karamay Oilfield, Jiangsu Oilfield, CNOOC Pinghu oilfield and other intelligent systems in the fields of oilfield wellhead metering system, branch heating system, oilfield oil production information wireless transmission and control system, flow standard device and special valve manufacturing. Through project cooperation, subject research, technical exchange and other means, the Institute has also expanded cooperation with oil field enterprises in oil exploration robot equipment, and strives to achieve the replacement of imported monopoly logging push device products. This substitution not only means that we don't have to spend a high price to buy a set of foreign obsolete defective equipment, but also means that the instrumentation Institute and even China's special intelligent equipment enterprises have a place in the underground traction robot equipment

the traditional three industrial control system integration, inspection and testing, instrument and instrument product R & D and manufacturing, which are the main businesses of the Instrument Institute, are becoming clearer and clearer, and the road to the transformation from intelligent manufacturing equipment and special robot R & D and application is becoming clearer and clearer, and the blueprint to realize the development strategic transformation to new research institutes is becoming clearer and clearer. It is understood that the research and development project has been supported by the 2013 special fund for major equipment manufacturing of Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission, which has effectively promoted the development of this new technology research and development project

at present, the products and application markets of special robot enterprises are relatively single, which makes it difficult to make profits in the short term. In terms of R & D and materials, it is difficult for enterprises to reduce costs. They can only continuously develop new products, improve the added value of products, and cope with market difficulties by extending to new fields. These are the relevant knowledge shared by technicians today about the common anomalies in the operation process of spring change experimental machines. The top priority of R & D is the introduction of professionals and the cultivation of professionals located at the golden intersection of China's Riverside economic belt and coastal economic belt, President Xu has been focusing on cultivating high-level scientific research and technical talents to enhance core competitiveness and innovation ability. At present, among the nearly 400 employees of the Institute, there are more than 80 professor level senior engineers and senior engineers, 6 senior experts who enjoy the special government allowance of the State Council, and 58 professionals with international and domestic recognized professional qualifications. At the same time, it has jointly established a doctoral workstation and a master's graduate base with famous universities to continuously cultivate high-quality talents for the research, development and innovation of the instrumentation Institute

there is a long way to go for special robots and intelligent equipment; The goal of the instrumentation Institute to give full play to its professional and technical advantages, create a high-end technical service industry, and build an internationally renowned and domestic first-class scientific research institute is gradually approaching

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