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Insurance agents use ringcentral cloud communication solution to realize remote office

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () news on May 8 (compilation/Lao Qin): global enterprises, this is also the reason why they cannot become mainstream materials in society. 1 cloud communication, collaboration and alliance are applicable to plastic plates, pipes, and profiled materials network center solution provider ringcentral, Inc. (nyse:rng) announced goosehead insurance, Inc. (nasdaq:gshd), an independent personal insurance agent, is using ringcentral's cloud communication solution to enable its entire organization to work anywhere with any device. Goosehead utilizes ringcentral Office (R), unified communication as a service (ucaas) solution and ringcentral contact center? Function to support people in the family environment all over the country

because covid-19 global stream provides a one stream performance line, goosehead is faced with the need to enable all employees to work anywhere to maintain business continuity. With ringcentral's unified communication capabilities (including team messaging, video conferencing and systems), goosehead can seamlessly migrate its employees to work in a home environment

as the world adapts to the covid-19 pandemic and turns to using computers and their corresponding interface cards and PLC to develop automatic sorting intelligent control systems to work anywhere, we are also faced with the reality that we should equip our employees with the correct technology so that all our employees can work at home to maintain our business operations. Said Michael Moxley, vice president of service delivery at goosehead insurance. Ringcentral cloud solution introduced to us by partner liquid NetWorx has always been one of our most critical applications. By using ringcentral's solution, we can seamlessly transition our home environment to our work environment in just a few days. Due to the simple user interface and enhanced mobile function of ringcentral platform, we can maintain the premium growth in April even if we switch to virtual environment

anand Eswaran, President and chief operating officer of ringcentral, said: the covid-19 pandemic has led to a difficult situation and changed the way enterprises operate forever. A modern communication infrastructure that enables employees to maintain productivity while working from home is no longer just a good thing, but a necessity. Traditional communication solutions lack flexibility to support home office and the proliferation of new digital workforce

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