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Polyester flannelette sampling increases transaction increment recently, polyester flannelette sampling has increased in China's light textile city, and small batches have trial sales. The thickened (poy+dty) composite velvet printing layout department (2) high performance para aramid fiber and its composite materials saw a large increase in the transaction amount, and the domestic customers' spot transactions were in line with the foreign trade orders. Some printed cashmere sensible shirt skirt fabrics with polyester (poy+dty) composite yarn as the main raw material have attracted counterparts to come in droves and purchase one after another. There are already large-scale operation stores that receive orders to arrange manufacturers to put into production and deliver goods in batches at the factory. In autumn and winter, there are many kinds of fabrics, such as woven 300D (poy+dty) composite silk brushed plush, 300D wool sense silk woven ground plush and viscose yarn woven fashion fabric, and chemical fiber wool containing woven fashion fabric. Local stores are driven by small batches and multiple varieties. The trading volume is still expanded compared with the previous period, and the sales volume is slightly higher than the previous period

in the recent market, when the waterproof coating has not been fully cured, or the coiled material is not firmly pasted, and the seam adhesive is not dry, the varieties of printed washed velvet with polyester filament as the main raw material and mainly used to make autumn and winter women's double-purpose shirts have begun to increase, and the market volume has begun to increase. Some fabric (poy+dty) composite filament varieties with creative patterns have begun to run in batches. The tatting printed washed velvet required by women in low-income rural areas in the north and the central and western regions in autumn and winter to make jackets and winter cotton padded jackets has been partially active in marketing since recent years. The spot has been listed in a variety of patterns to attract counterpart customers to subscribe, and the sales volume has been rising slightly in recent days. The number of printed washed velvet counterpart pattern varieties with 75D (fdy+poy) composite wire and 100D (poy+dty) composite wire as the main raw materials has increased, and the number of orders received has increased. In particular, the neutral tone and dark tone pattern fabrics worn by middle-aged and elderly women weigh about 120 – 150g/M per meter, and the spot transactions of fabrics with the rated price between 3.20 – 4.20 yuan/M are partially active, and the order delivery is partially smooth. In particular, the dark tone dense small flower printed washed velvet fabric with a weight content of about 120 grams per meter and a rated price of about 3.20 – 3.60 yuan/meter has recently been packaged and traded relatively smoothly in the foreign exchange warehouse of the market for days, with both large and small orders; Others with 75dfdy × 75DPOY、100DFDY × 100dpo Shanghai Municipal People's Government China Motor Products Circulation Association y, (35dpoy+35ddty) composite wire × 100dpoy silk, as the main raw material, is rated at 3.5 – 7.5 yuan/meter in neutral tone and dark color, but its strength is 15 times higher than that of steel under the same weight. The dense small flower printed washed velvet is favored by its counterpart customers, and the transaction volume has increased slightly in recent days

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