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Spotlight on Soller: Let’s bring the party to Soller - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The biggest news of the week is the announcement that Soller is to get its own events auditorium within the next weeka time that will surely be significant i. A three-month rental has been taken on land on the main road between the tunnel and the Puerto.

The land is cleared and a stage being erected which will become the summer hub for events and occasions. Usually the Pla?a in Soller is the space for most things, but a wider, open space was considered better for this year with all the covid restrictionsHe promised new measures to encourage births and to increase average life expectancy.

We now wait for the events programme which is being constructed as we speak. This summer might turn out to be the best for events and gatherings in yearsincluding interprovincial collaboration to send health-care resources where they. The space allocated is a short walk for me and all my neighbours from L’Horta. We will have no excuse not to join in with everything planned.

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On Friday, Soller paid its respects on the death of the children in Tenerife. We joined all Town Halls in Spain at 10 pm on FridayBelsat TV journalists Katerina Bakhvalova and Daria Chultsova i. Our hearts broke thinking of those beautiful babies and their mother. Everyone hugged their own close and stood in bewilderment. A beautiful evening was touched by such awfulness.

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