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Acetal gears are used in ultra light zero emission vehicles. An urban ultra light vehicle scheme proposed by Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois (July 12, 2011) shows how acetal gears, especially those made of DuPont's Delrin POM, can provide the strength, toughness and low friction necessary for the load pressure of the transmission system, At the same time, the noise is greatly reduced and the weight of metal gears is reduced

the urban ultra light vehicle program is the brainchild of Martin Morris, a professor of mechanical engineering at the University. Because if the ABS products are damaged and the shift switch is in the fast reverse gear, he began to design and manufacture a zero emission vehicle in 2006. Now the car has evolved into a three-wheel drive design. It holds a motorcycle license plate, can carry two passengers, has luggage space, and weighs 430 pounds (about 195 kg)

Tim brogla, a project developer at DuPont high performance polymers, headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, said: "Medium and thick steel plate products are widely used. Conservatives will eliminate the use of POM in demanding gearbox applications. Obviously, this scheme challenges those so-called 'traditional laws'. And this kind of new material gear is easier to be accepted in small engine transmissions carried on lawn mowers and golf carts."

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