Accurate identification of the hottest film color

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Accurate identification of film color

identifying the color of film is a basic problem in prepress work. For some novices, the main method is to observe the color code in the lower corner of the film, such as the YMCK logo, but if there is no such logo, what should we do? We use the following method to distinguish this problem

first, hierarchical differentiation method

this method is very practical for black and yellow. Generally speaking, in the four-color version, the black version is mostly copied in short tones, so the level is very few and it is easy to identify; What about the yellow version? In most of the works, the Yellow composition is relatively strong and has good heat and sound insulation performance, so it looks like the yellow version is full of layers, paste and easy to recognize. The magenta version and the cyan version have the same level. If there is no experience in color separation, it is often easy to get confused with this method

second, characteristic color differentiation method

generally experienced prepress workers use this method to distinguish. Because it conforms to the principle of color separation through deformation measurement, it has high accuracy in use. We know that after the color separation of the color filter, each color version has its basic color and opposite color. For example, the basic colors of magenta version are magenta, red, blue purple and black, while the opposite colors are yellow, blue, green and white. Therefore, all red, blue purple and magenta should have very dark black on the magenta color separation film. We can find some relevant characteristic colors, such as red flags, red seals, people's lips, etc. these parts should be dark on the magenta version, and light on the green version. On the contrary, some skies, seas and forests are light in magenta and dark in cyan

III. angle discrimination

this is observed from the color separation angle of the film with the help of a magnifying glass. Generally speaking, the angle of the yellow version is always 90 °. This is the angle arrangement considering the characteristics of the weak color version. Magenta, cyan and current black are strong color versions, so they must avoid moire, and are mostly arranged with an angle difference of 30 ° from 45 °, that is, 15 °, 45 ° and 75 °. The angle of the strong color version can be determined according to the characteristics of the original, and there is no fixed angle. While yellow is a weak color version, even if moire appears, it is not easy for human eyes to observe. For square and circular points, when the fourth ideal angle cannot be arranged in a quadrant, the worst angle is given to it. Therefore, its angle is arranged at 90 °. Note that since the angle arrangement of chain points is 0 ~ 180 °, it is another matter for chain points

IV. flower differentiation method

if there are samples, you can also use the samples to distinguish flowers. Put a piece of color separation film together on the sample sheet, turn it a little, and some colored flowers, namely moire, will appear in the tonal area. If there are magenta flowers, this film is magenta version; If it is cyan flower, it is cyan version. Why is this

we know that the smaller the angle difference between the two points, the larger and more obvious the square pattern generated. When a monochrome film is placed on the sample sheet, its angle is the same as that of the natural color in the four-color sample sheet. After the film is slightly rotated, the angle difference between the film and the natural color in the four-color sample sheet is very small, and this very small angle difference is easy to generate an obvious natural color flower. This can help us easily identify the color of the film

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