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The European plastic industry has maintained stable growth, and China continues to take the lead in production

according to the European Plastic Manufacturers Association, the European plastic production has maintained a steady growth in 2013

the association said that the global plastic production increased by 3.9% from 288 million tons in 2012 to 299 million tons in 2013. In 2013, China accounted for the largest proportion of the total global plastic production, accounting for 24.8%, and Europe ranked second, accounting for 20%

packaging, construction and construction are the largest plastic market in Europe. LED is a green light source, followed by installing a good IC chip on the chip to be inspected. Automotive industry and electrical and electronic products. The demand for plastics in Europe was 46million tons in 2013, an increase of 0.1% over 2012

"the European plastic industry is experiencing strong competition initiated by the world. China continues to maintain its leadership in global plastic production, while the United States has greatly improved its competitiveness in Europe with the significant decline in energy prices," said Karl Foerster, executive director of the European Plastic Manufacturers Association. "These are just two examples of the challenges we face."

"in order to strengthen the European plastics industry and improve its competitiveness, we need to ensure that a long-term strategy for European Reindustrialization is formulated." Foerster continued, "policymakers need to ensure that the industry has access to competitive energy and raw materials, support innovation and training, provide a trained workforce, and ensure the strength of the European plastics industry."

the association said that from January to February 2014, the growth rate of major plastic materials in Europe was 6.6%, and plastic products increased by 7%. He hoped that Juhua technology would take the opportunity of project commencement, and the material machinery industry increased by nearly 2%

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