According to the most popular survey, the proporti

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According to the survey, the proportion of using environmental friendly paint is more than 75%

according to the survey, the proportion of using environmental friendly paint is more than 75%

September 25, 2017

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furniture enterprises in the era of reshuffle are facing the new consumption upgrading wave, the tightening of national environmental protection policies and other environmental constraints, and today's furniture industry has been covered with smoke of gunpowder

in the "survey on the application status of paint in Chinese furniture enterprises" launched in August 2017, the data showed that 63% of furniture enterprises believed that fierce market competition was the biggest difficulty faced by enterprises. In order to meet the purchase intention of consumers, nearly 2/3 of the interviewed large and medium-sized furniture enterprises have transferred more than 50% of their production business to the medium and high-end furniture market

upgrading to the medium and high-end furniture market means that furniture enterprises should upgrade to international original design in design, upgrade to rare and high-end wood in material selection, and transform to two-component water-based coating with higher performance and high environmental protection in coating

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this new business opportunity of the furniture industry

as Chen Baoguang, vice president of the China Furniture Industry Association, said: "when the dual pressure of consumption upgrading and environmental protection policies comes, the transformation of Chinese furniture enterprises is imminent, and we have to say that it is no stranger to change the experimental machine. But simply moving the production line out cannot solve the problem of enterprise development."

according to the survey on the current situation of paint application in Chinese furniture enterprises, two thirds of large and medium-sized furniture enterprises have shifted their focus to the medium and high-end market in order to obtain greater market space

in the fierce market competition, the share of the middle and low-end furniture market is shrinking, and furniture enterprises must transform to the middle and high-end market. This is a systematic project, including management, product image, environmental protection standards, etc., which are higher than the middle and low-end market

this has also brought new business opportunities for furniture enterprises. Some leading furniture enterprises have switched to environmentally friendly materials in order to create a high-quality brand image and quickly seize market opportunities

the survey shows that more than 80% of the furniture manufacturers surveyed have begun to use more environmentally friendly high-quality raw and auxiliary materials

new environmental protection regulations for enterprise consumption upgrading

in the upgrading of environmental protection materials, due to the particularity of the appearance and structure of solid wood furniture, the requirements for coating technology are also higher, so new environmental protection coatings with high performance and high quality are needed. At present, according to the survey, 95% of the surveyed enterprises have used environmental friendly coatings, of which the proportion of using environmental friendly coatings has reached more than 75%

among them, the two-component water-based paint, which takes into account environmental protection and performance, has been widely used by a number of leading domestic furniture enterprises and recognized by consumers. Among the environmental protection coatings used by the furniture enterprises interviewed, the proportion of two-component water-based paint is the highest, and 42% of the enterprises regard two-component water-based paint as the first choice of environmental protection coating technology for medium and high-end solid wood furniture

low odor, high hardness, scratch resistance, yellowing resistance, stain resistance and high fullness are the main reasons why furniture enterprises choose two-component water-based paint. Especially for solid wood furniture, due to the particularity of its appearance design and material selection, the requirements for coating technology are also higher, especially the need for new high-performance environmental protection coatings such as two-component waterborne paint. In actual sales, as consumers are generally willing to pay for products with better appearance and performance, furniture enterprises will also tend to popularize high-performance huanmeike shares to consumers. This cooperation with BASF includes: the direct commercial use of new materials and new technologies and the advantages of protective coating in quality, performance and appearance

in addition, the survey report also shows that the proportion of environmentally friendly coatings is expected to further increase in the next few years. Nearly 3/4 of the surveyed enterprises have made it clear that they will further increase the proportion of environmentally friendly coatings. Among them, they tend to choose two-component water-based paint

the domestic water-based furniture paint market still accounts for less than 10%

at present, the application of water-based paint in developed markets such as Europe and the United States has been relatively mature. However, the water-based furniture paint market in the domestic furniture industry as a whole still accounts for less than 10%

in an interview, Lu Weiguo, vice president of Greater China of costron coatings, adhesives and special chemicals business department, said: "through the joint efforts of the entire industrial chain, some leading domestic furniture enterprises have actively transformed, and adjusted the proportion of medium and high-end products by upgrading and using high-performance two-component waterborne coatings, so as to enhance the competitiveness of brand products in the market."

he also added that it is expected that the growth rate of waterborne furniture coatings in the Chinese market will be higher than 20% from 2015 to 2020. Therefore, as a leading manufacturer of high-tech polymer materials and an inventor of polyurethane technology in the world, covestro hopes to help China's furniture industry break through the boundaries of innovation and sustainable development, and help local enterprises grasp new opportunities for industry development

at present, covestro and its partners have helped many leading domestic furniture brands achieve water transfer projects

the water-based coating process is very different from the traditional oil-based coating, especially the difficulty of ensuring the coating effect. Huayun wood successfully completed the water transfer project in 2016 with the technical support of Clivia and kesichuang teams. Choosing high-performance waterborne polyurethane coating technology is in line with Huayun's brand positioning, and better caters to consumers' demands for environmental protection and healthy life

costron's high-performance two-component waterborne polyurethane coating solution has greatly improved the coating effect and performance of furniture surfaces, helping furniture manufacturers stand out in the fierce market competition

children's furniture high-performance environmental protection water-based coating

it is worth noting that in the process of furniture enterprises promoting high-performance environmental protection water-based coating, the category of children's furniture is particularly strong

with the full liberalization of the second child policy, the domestic youth HRG children's furniture market has ushered in a new round of opportunities for vigorous development. When choosing children's furniture, more and more parents realize that paint has greatly affected the environmental protection and safety of children's furniture. Children's furniture enterprises, which are sensitive to the market, have taken the lead in using water-based coatings in a high proportion to create a healthy and safe brand image

for example, Douding manor, a well-known high-end youth furniture brand, and the normal sequence of different materials in the operation process, is the first batch of furniture enterprises to try water-based coating in China. Since 2012, through the application of high-performance two-component waterborne polyurethane wood paint in cooperation with covestro and tuba, it has made innovations in waterborne coating and surface design, and occupied a favorable position in the market competition

this is the worst time and the best time. There are no bad industries, only bad enterprises

when the industry develops to the historical inflection point of transformation and upgrading, conforming to the needs of the consumer market and responding to the implementation of national environmental protection policies is the biggest breakthrough for furniture enterprises

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