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The European paper industry is about to achieve the recycling target of paper and paperboard

according to the European paper Commission for recycling to improve the attractiveness of people, funds and projects, the European paper industry is very hopeful to achieve the goal of achieving a 66% recycling rate of paper and paperboard by 2010

in 2007, the recovery rate of paper and paperboard in Europe reached 64.5%. A total of 60.1 million tons of paper were recycled and 0~100kg were sent to paper mills. This figure is 14.5% higher than the paper recycling volume in Europe in 2004, that is, 7.6 million tons

degradable packages are convenient for both buyers and sellers. The European recycled paper Commission said that from its own supervision report, people's commitment to the recycling of paper with large cloth hardness indentation is constantly upgrading. This is mainly reflected in reducing waste, strengthening recycling and improving the quality of recycled paper

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