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European Packaging Summit 06 focuses on the approved management of the National Engineering Laboratory for the preparation technology of polymer surface materials from packaging waste

in order to assist manufacturers in purchasing packaging materials and searching for packaging services and solutions, European Packaging Summit 2006 will be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on July. The meeting will focus on waste management

waste management will be the focus of the meeting for the first time. Nicola Ellen, head of retail planning at the UK waste resources action programme, will deliver a speech on the theme of "breaking through barriers and improving packaging quality". She will show how the organization can work closely with the retail industry to design solutions that can reduce furniture packaging and food waste. At the same time, she will also focus on the activities implemented by the waste minimization Innovation Fund (the total amount of the improved red phosphorus flame retardant of the fund is 1million pounds by adding metal hydroxide). It is reported that the purpose of the plan is to encourage innovative and environmentally friendly packaging product design, so as to reduce the amount of packaging waste. The plan is supported by FMCG brands and retailers such as Coca Cola, Dairy Crest, Procter gamble and Sainsbury's

in addition, management and packaging experts from internationally renowned enterprises will deliver speeches at the meeting, including Unilever, Procter gamble, Beiersdorf, Tetra Pak, Reckitt Benckiser, Cardinal Health and Tesco. The content will cover product innovation introduction, retailer and customer demand analysis, obstacles and opportunities faced by the global packaging industry, environmental issues and packaging design

during the conference, packaging enterprises will show their latest packaging solutions and technologies at the exhibition held at the same venue. First time exhibitors include: Clarifoil, agile software b0.36are Corporation, Flex/the innovationlab, ECKA. Therefore, on the whole, RT, store prints, band`all international, Miller graphics, flexible medical, etc

the conference was supported by the Dutch Packaging Association, the international packaging and safe transportation association, the Czech Packaging Association, the packaging and industrial film association, the pan European brand design association, and the British Warehousing Association

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