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Members of the European Parliament called for more plastic ban orders

members of the European Parliament said that some of the most harmful plastic and plastic bag products should be banned by 2020, which is part of the EU's strategy to reduce plastic waste in the environment

this resolution, called a call to action, was proposed in the European Commission green paper and has been voted on. Members of the European Parliament said in the document that the weak implementation of the EU has led to the destruction of the environment by plastic waste

Vittorio Prodi, an Italian member of the European Parliament who drafted the resolution, said that the European Parliament had pointed out ways to deal with the huge problems caused by the adverse effects of plastic waste on the environment and human health

we hope to change bad habits and be responsible for our products, including the whole process from production to final disposal. By making good use of these products and improving the regeneration rate as much as possible, we will be able to turn waste into treasure and truly implement the concept of circular economy. It will also help clean the sea and land, while creating more jobs

members of the European parliament proposed that specific recycling targets should be set in EU legislation and the waste sorting rate should be increased to 80%. They believe that it should be mandatory to know that the pelletizer operation strategy is the necessary production standard of 10 points, and update the waste recovery and sorting rate standard to ensure fairness. 3 Limit protection: electronic limit Competition

members of the European Parliament said that the current EU Packaging Waste Directive should also be reviewed

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