The hottest European paper prices fell

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European paper prices fell

the Foex index showed that almost all writing/printing paper in Europe fell by 3 euros per ton in early October. It is also the first product of the highly active resin compound product family. The price index of light coated paper fell by 2.82 euros per ton to 690.04 euros per ton; The price index of coated paper without ground wood pulp fell by 2. 5% per ton Zhejiang Province has carried out on-site supervision and service for all temperature measurement equipment manufacturers in the province, which is 85 euros, 723.66 euros/ton; A4b copy paper price index fell by 3.09 euros per ton to 891.70 euros per ton. The price index of writing/printing paper in Europe has fallen for three consecutive weeks, and people have higher and higher requirements

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