The hottest European powder coating is in 2005, 20

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European powder coating in 2005/2006

European powder coating in 2005/will usher in a new dawn

20 construction of special pipes and pipe processing projects November 17, 2006

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irfab chemical consulting company in Brussels, Belgium announced the latest analysis of the European powder coating market, This market is expanding. In addition to the relocation of Western European markets, the central and Eastern European markets are expanding. In 2005, the output of powder coatings in Europe was about 440000 tons, with a value of more than 1.5 billion euros. The Middle East and Africa are important markets, with a current total of 50000 tons. Polyester epoxy mixed powder coatings and thermosetting polyester powder coatings occupy the European market, followed by epoxy, acrylic resin and polyurethane. Prices vary from region to region. The price in the Mediterranean region is 2.50 euros/kg, while the price in northern Europe is more than 4.50 Euros/kg

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