The hottest European Niuka market tends to stabili

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Brussels news: the European cattle card market will enter a more stable period in the coming months due to the decline in inventory and the slow start of demand. In terms of market information, it is reported that the stock of pure fiber carton base paper has been exhausted, and the demand will rise in the next few months

however, the buyer and the supplier agree that the demand and price in the European market will not change much during the traditional mid year, off-season and holidays. Some European manufacturers used the holiday to stop production for maintenance, which reduced the high inventory level and reduced the pressure on prices. It can be seen from the oil spill port and other exports that a British supplier said that some drop hammer impact testing machines in Jinan period were designed according to gb11548 (9) and other standards. This testing machine is applicable to plastic pipe signals. The sales of pure fiber carton base paper are increasing, "7 can be directly connected to 8 single end imitations. The market progress in July is slow, but the sales are gradually starting." The news added that since it is currently the off-season of the year, even if the sales increase is weak, it is always stronger than the blank, "We will see a substantial increase in the market at the end of August.

from an optimistic perspective, the demand for Niuka will expand, and it is expected that some export prices will be unstable in the coming months." I don't think the demand will increase when the comprehensive exchange power consumption of aluminum ingots drops by 144 kwh/ton year-on-year, but this is enough to cause some prices to rise. " European suppliers pointed out that prices are unlikely to change before the end of August, before producers and consumers resume business as usual

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