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The 2009 European Offshore Wind Energy Conference and exhibition was held in Stockholm, Stockholm, September 14 - the 2009 European Offshore Wind Energy Conference and exhibition opened in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, on September 14. Nearly 3100 people from Europe, North America and Asian countries came to the conference and exhibition. According to statistics, the scale of the exhibition is twice that of 2007. Sinovel, the largest wind power equipment company in China, also came to the exhibition and signed cooperation agreements or memoranda with many companies

Sweden's deputy prime minister and chairman of the European Commission of energy ministers urofsson attaches great importance to the development of wind energy. She said, "Under the influence of the global financial and economic crisis, the economy and employment of EU countries are facing great challenges. But at the same time, this is also a good time for Europe to transform to an eco-efficient economy. European offshore wind energy is an available resource, and developers are very eager to develop this resource. If the government is also prepared to play a role in this regard, Europe can make a revolutionary change in its energy future. At the same time, the development of wind energy Exhibition can also create new employment opportunities. In addition, the development of wind energy is also an effective way to deal with climate change, which can reduce carbon emissions. Therefore, more use of wind energy should be made in the future. "

the European Union has set the goal of mitigating climate change. By 2020, renewable energy, including wind energy, will account for 20% of the total energy

at the meeting that day, the European Wind Energy Association released a report entitled "ocean of opportunity". The report said that the EU has planned to develop 100gw of wind energy projects, so that the wind power will reach 10% of the total electricity in Europe by 2020. As a result, 200 million tons of carbon emissions can be reduced every year. This is also a request from industry to politicians

the report believes that wind energy can provide an answer to the problem of climate change, because wind energy is renewable energy and does not emit carbon. Relevant report data show that it does not pollute the environment and does not cost money. Of course, the equipment and infrastructure for using wind energy still need investment

urofson said that in Sweden and even in Europe, we should try our best to follow the path of market economy and adopt the certification system in the development of wind power. In this way, industrial enterprises can allocate resources effectively

naun, CEO of Siemens wind energy, said that now it has developed from the stage of demonstrating the importance and possibility of wind energy utilization to the stage of using the market for development. Siemens invests one third of its capital in the field of wind energy. From the perspective of developing functional packaging materials with a certain technical content, wind energy has also attracted the attention of politicians. Compared with four years ago, people's consciousness has changed greatly

Irish Minister of transport, energy and natural resources Ryan said that in order to promote the development of wind energy, Europe needs more relevant infrastructure construction, for example, the problem of mergers, which requires governments and the European Union to increase investment

the two-and-a-half-day meeting will have 230 thematic discussions, focusing on all aspects of wind energy issues, from technology development to financing and environmental issues, raising questions and sharing experiences

The offshore wind energy industry has been developing steadily in recent years. More countries, institutions and enterprises began to pay attention to the development and utilization of offshore wind energy. According to the 2007 European offshore wind energy report released by the European Wind Energy Association EWEA, wind power generation has doubled in the past four years. By 2020, offshore wind energy will reach 20gm-40gm

offshore wind is hosted by the European Wind Energy Association. It is one of the largest offshore wind energy conferences in the world and is exhibited in European countries every two years. World famous large-scale wind power generation and equipment supply enterprises participated in the exhibition, including abb, Vestas, GL, Siemens, REpower, airtricity, DWIA, SGS, Dong, GH, Volker Stevin, beluga, etc. The equipment of the exhibition hall includes wind turbines, wind turbine supporting equipment and components, composite materials, bearings, lubricating oil (dosage), generators, transformers, control systems, remote monitoring systems, cables and testing equipment, towers and various water pumps supporting wind turbines

the meeting will close on the 16th

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