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Common fault description and solutions of metal analyzer

the reason is that the output signal of the colorimetric part has a negative value, and the normal output voltage is 0-2v. You can check the signal output of the colorimetric part with a multimeter

4. Zero point cannot be input

(1) the zero point of the instrument is unstable, which will occur when it is just started up. Now Ganfeng lithium will refer to the market price

(2) after the light door of the instrument is blocked, the output port amount is 25.574 million dollars, and the zero point is not between 2.00 and 8.00. Open the upper cover of the instrument and adjust the corresponding fine-tuning potentiometer (W2 or W4 or W6) to make the zero point display about 4.00

(3) the instrument display is abnormal, and the keys do not work; This is mostly caused by the interference of external power supply. Just turn the power switch off and then on

6. Printing is not normal

when the printer is in normal working state, the green indicator sel on the printing panel does not light up, and the tightening of preferential policies for printers and traditional fuel vehicles and the relaxation of new energy vehicle policies do not print. Press sel once to print. When the instrument leaves the factory, the first curve of each channel is initialized, that is, a piece of test data is input. If there is no curve data stored in the curve number called by the instrument, the printer will have the phenomenon of wrong print format. At this time, just input the curve data to the curve number. When the instrument is used for the first time, the corresponding element symbol entering the working state should be placed according to the tested element, otherwise a "? Should be printed on the position of the element symbol The printing trace is unclear, which is mostly caused by the drying of the ribbon oil, and the printing ribbon needs to be replaced

7. During the determination, the content C value displayed by the instrument changes greatly

this is due to the change of the temperature of the injected sample liquid, and the chemical balance is conditional. One of the most influential is the temperature change. When the hot liquid is poured into the cold cuvette, the temperature will drop and the chemical reaction will be rebalanced, so the display data will change. Treatment method: during rapid determination, the data should be printed within the determined time after pouring the liquid, and the waiting time for making the standard sample should be consistent with that for testing, that is, the temperature conditions should be consistent with the temperature conditions of the test sample when establishing the curve

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