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Description of design characteristics of mobile belt conveyor

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in order to greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, the mobile belt conveyor has been widely promoted and applied. Its conveyor carrier is a belt, which can be designed as a bearing plate or roller type support according to the weight and specification of the product. The motor drive form, electric control box, convenient handling, and casters are set at the bottom of the tripod, which can be pushed aside when not in use. It greatly improves the work efficiency and reduces the labor intensity of workers. For the convenience of users The height of the belt conveyor can be adjusted according to different models to achieve the unified use of different models. The speed can be adjusted to avoid reducing the conveying speed due to operation failure. The structure is sticky at the same time, beautiful and durable. It can be used for the loading and unloading of bagged goods of about kg. Because of its unique positive and negative characteristics, it is widely used in grain depots, grain loading, and the transportation and output of bagged goods

mobile belt conveyor is specially used for loading bagged products, and can be used for any bagged products within 60 kg. The overall length of the car body is 10 meters. There is a winch device in the middle of the car body, which can adjust the height of the machine head arbitrarily, and the front end of the machine can be adjusted to a height of 4.5 meters at most. The goods can be directly stored and transported to high places in the warehouse, or directly transported to the carriage from high places, which saves the trouble of manually moving the goods up and down, and greatly saves the cost

the functional characteristics of the belt conveyor since the establishment of the mobile company: this conveyor can be moved to different working places at will with only one person. During the operation of the conveyor, the operation can be completed only by manually dragging the goods in close proximity. The loading and unloading efficiency can reach about 30 pieces of goods per minute. According to the operation requirements, the operation position of the conveyor can be adjusted in multiple directions. Using the original mechanical rounding device, it can rise to 4.5 meters at most and drop to 2 meters at least, which solves the problems of difficult stacking of heavy goods

daily precautions:

(1) pay attention to rain and moisture protection when storing mobile belt conveyor to avoid short circuit of electrical equipment

(2) there are grease nipples on the roller bearings of the conveyor, which need to be lubricated frequently to ensure the running life of the roller

(3) pay attention to prevent the belt from being scratched during use; At the same time, due to the urgent need for localization of imported products, pay attention to whether there is deflection during the operation of the conveyor and adjust it in time. No one is allowed to stand under the conveyor during the operation of the equipment

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