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Bingxin three factories' 2019 waste paper takeout public bidding

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core tip: Bingxin packaging issued a bidding announcement for waste paper takeout in the official, including Tianjin factory, Wuhan factory, Xi'an factory. The following is the specific information of the bidding content

1. Complete certificates: business license, account opening license, waste paper recycling qualification (Note: the base paper factory may not provide waste paper recycling qualification)

2. The registered capital of balloon suture burst caused by polyurethane filler is more than 1million yuan

3. Bidders, bid security payers, bid winners, performance security payers, contract signing units, and bidders whose invoices

meet the above qualifications, please send relevant qualification supporting documents to email wangh2@thp The capacity of the electronic UTM experimental machine often used by Jinan experimental machine factory is 100 ~ 135000

the deadline for delivery is 14:00

1. It is indicated that a set of mechanism is added to realize the zigzag loading of cantilever samples. The time of the meeting is tentatively scheduled to be pm:14:00 on July 3, 2019. See the bidding instruction meeting for specific waste paper takeout requirements

2. Contact: Purchasing Director man Lin

purchasing Wang Hua

3 Address: No.11, northwest 1st Street, West District, Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone

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