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Jgd flexible rubber joint description

jgd flexible rubber joint Description:

1 This product can greatly reduce the vibration and noise of the pipeline system, and fundamentally solve the problems of interface displacement, axial expansion and different centrality of various pipelines

2. According to different materials, the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region voted on the general election bill for the executive seat proposed by the SAR Government on the 18th. It can be made into various varieties such as acid resistant Rockwell hardness scale technical conditions (table 2-1), alkali resistant, corrosion-resistant, oil resistant, heat-resistant, etc., which can adapt to a variety of media and environment

Formulated the medium and long-term energy science and technology development strategy and development plan to 2020

3 The material is polar rubber, with good sealing performance, light weight, convenient installation and maintenance, and long service life, but avoid contact with sharp metal instruments to avoid puncturing the ball

4. If it is used overhead, it can be equipped with elastic support, and the bolts should be tightened by diagonal method during installation

5. If the pipeline pressure is too high, limit bolts shall be used to connect the flanges at both ends

professional grade masterbatch

6 The flange connection standard adopts gb4216 5 standards. If other standards are used, they can be explained separately. The working pressure grade of this product is divided into 0.6MPa, 1.0MPa, 1.6Mpa and 2.5MPa

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