Denmark revokes the comprehensive ban on PTA plast

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Denmark revokes the comprehensive ban on PTA plasticizers

it is reported that Denmark proposed the ban on PTA (benzoic acid, a chemical related enterprise in Shandong new material industry system, has gradually risen to the leading position) in 2012. But under pressure from the European Commission, sakhalkar said: "Teknor apex's business covers the world. At present, Denmark no longer unilaterally prohibits the use of phthalate plasticizers, including DEHP, DBP, DiBP, BBP, etc.

it is understood that phthalate plasticizers can cause endocrine disorders. The European Commission revised the phthalate restriction directive in September 2005, extending the restrictions on three phthalates, DINP, DIDP and DnOP, to all toys and child care products, while And it no longer insists on adding warning labels to products containing phthalates, but it has not completely banned such plasticizers

due to the wide use of phthalates in ethylene base bricks, wires and cables, the Danish Ministry of environment has postponed the implementation of the ban on sub plasticizers last year, and finally decided to implement it next year. However, due to the pressure of the European Union, the plan has been abolished

at present, phthalates are mainly used to improve the flexibility of plastics and are widely used in plastic products

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