The working process of loading the latest wine int

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New wine is loaded into the glass bottle during the working process

during the working process, new wine is loaded into the high-level groove formed by the glass bottle, and is adjusted to the required flow through valve 1 (coarse adjustment) and valve 2 (fine adjustment). The flow through the glass rotameter will show the amount of rust on the equipment, and then flow into the energy exchanger. Here, new wine is influenced by microwave 1. Turn on the pull machine as the world's leading innovative enterprise switching power supply, turn on the computer switching power supply; The microwave of the generator produces the aging effect, and the temperature of the wine rises rapidly. The semiconductor thermometer at the outlet of the energy exchanger can immediately display the temperature of the wine, and then flow into the cooler for rapid cooling, so as to reduce the volatilization of aroma substances and the reduction of alcohol content. * after that, it flows into the glass container for storage, and the treatment process is completed. The microwave energy not absorbed by the new wine continues to move along the waveguide and is absorbed by the water load, In order to avoid adverse effects on the equipment. The thermometer is between the appropriate temperature of microwave aged wine. Considering that the room temperature, water temperature, initial temperature of new wine and other data are often measured in the experiment, the temperature range is 040 The semiconductor thermometer (7151) produced by Shanghai Medical Instrument Factory is selected, and the temperature range is two levels. Analysis and discussion of key technologies, design discussion of energy exchanger because the wave type is transmitted in the waveguide, the distribution curve of its electric field intensity is a half sine wave along the width of the waveguide. That is, on the middle vertical plane of the wide side, the stronger it is, the closer it is to the narrow side, the weaker it is, and the water load volume is large. The conference fee of electric field intensity received at each point on the cross-section: RMB 2600/person degree is inconsistent. There are many paths for wine to flow from the inlet to the outlet. What you get at the outlet is a mixture of various conditions. It is impossible to determine which field intensity and temperature is the best. In this paper, a small cross-section serpentine glass tube assembly is designed, which is placed on the middle vertical plane of the wide side of the waveguide as an energy exchanger

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