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Key equipment description, risk factors and preventive measures of SBS

(I) key parts

key parts in SBS production process mainly include the following units: polymerization and recovery unit, glue tank unit, coagulation unit, post-treatment drying unit, etc.

(II) key equipment

bow ring is fixed at the lower part of the middle beam

the key equipment involved in the SBS production process mainly include the polymerization kettle of the polymerization system, butyl lithium initiator feeding, and configuration tank; Expansion dryer and dehydration extruder of post-treatment system. In addition, the pressure vessel in the device is also a key equipment that cannot be ignored

II. Risk factors and preventive measures

(I) fire and explosion hazard

the breakthrough in the research and development of modified PEEK Composites indicates that it will gradually replace the utilization proportion of traditional metal products in the chemical industry

the fire and explosion hazard in production mainly comes from butanediene and solvent system. The advantages of our tensile testing machine servo control software are as follows: in particular, the self polymerization of butadiene should become the main hazard, Butadiene is a substance that is easy to self polymerize, and the tendency of butadiene to form end group peroxide self polymer is very obvious. Butadiene end group polymers are hard and insoluble in known solvents, and cannot melt even when heated. Because the solubility of the end group polymer generated by butadiene in butadiene is very small, it is easy to deposit in the concentration layer and adhere to the vessel wall and pipeline, causing blockage or crack of pipelines, valves and equipment. Explosion can occur at 60-80 ℃ or under light, impact and friction. The production process has very strict requirements for oxygen content and water content. Butadiene may be oxidized to peroxide in the presence of a small amount of oxygen, causing self polymerization. Therefore, great attention should be paid to fire prevention, explosion prevention and self polymerization prevention

(II) toxic hazards

the materials with "poof" and "poof" messages on the oil return pipe of the oil delivery valve used in SBS production are mainly butadiene and styrene, which are toxic and harmful substances, have certain toxic harm to human body, and most of them have certain irritating effects on human skin and respiratory tract. Therefore, employees must wear labor protection articles when working at ordinary times, and avoid direct contact with toxic media during operation, especially in the process of preparing coupling agent and activator, they must operate in strict accordance with the safety operation procedures to avoid acute poisoning and skin damage

(III) startup and shutdown risk factors and preventive measures

the startup and shutdown process of petrochemical plants is often a process that is prone to accidents because the main process parameters of the plant are completed in a relatively short time in operation, and the incoming and outgoing of materials, temperature changes and pressure changes are almost within the limit range.

see table 4-15 for the main risk factors and preventive measures during the commencement process


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