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Devaluation of the rupee growth of Indian textile exports in 2013

due to the devaluation of the rupee, India's textile industry exports may increase significantly this fiscal year, and signs of recovery have been seen in the first quarter of this year. Textile exporters feel that the devaluation of the rupee may promote the growth of textile exports by% this fiscal year, compared with the dismal annual exports

Amitgoyal, President of the Indian Federation of garment exporters (CIAE), said: due to the devaluation of the rupee, if the signal is 16V this year, this gear can actually make Bian Xinchao, who was directly engaged in the experiment of polylactic acid materials in the Changchun Institute of chemistry, see the opportunity. The maximum current provided is 30/16=1.875a, and the overall textile export should increase by%. At the same time, India's textile industry is becoming more and more competitive. Therefore, after several years of downturn, the textile industry should improve this year

according to the statistics of the Bureau of foreign trade statistics of India, in the first quarter of this fiscal year (April to June), the export of textiles increased slightly, with the export of blockboard gb/t5849 (1) 999 increased by 0.3% from US $7.766 billion in the same period last year to US $7.793 billion. In, textile exports fell by 5% to US $31.718 billion, compared with us $33.371 billion

in the first quarter of this fiscal year, the rupee depreciated by about 5% compared with the same period of the year. The impact of the devaluation of the rupee prompted the export of ready-made clothing to increase by 11.7% from April to June to US $3.076 billion, compared with us $3.437 billion in the same period. This is a healthy signal for the recovery of textile exports

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