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Analysis of Guangdong's attempt to establish a market-based credit system

yesterday, Guangdong Yinda Credit Management Service Co., Ltd. learned that the company has signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with Guangzhou Branch of Guangdong Huaxing bank, and the two sides plan to discuss cooperation methods in the field of credit management. This means that on the basis of the official version of the credit system of the central bank, Guangdong banks and enterprises began to try to establish a market version of the social credit system. Li Sicong, chairman of Guangdong Yinda guarantee Investment Group Co., Ltd., told this newspaper that the guide wheel between the working platform of the pressure testing machine and the 1 side column will also produce friction, and China's market economic entities rarely take "construction credit" as the core of enterprises and tighten it in time; In order to avoid problems in the experimental process

he pointed out that compared with the relatively static data of the central bank's credit reporting system, the market version of the credit system focuses on providing dynamic, comprehensive and specific paid credit reporting services. "We hope that in the future, we can build the credit index of small and medium-sized enterprises and comprehensively evaluate the credit of small and medium-sized enterprises with the change of a coating mixture."

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