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Global dye market analysis

in the global fine chemical industry, dyes are a very important industry. Although the market turnover has decreased significantly in recent years, it is still more than US $4billion

according to relevant statistics, in recent years, the yield strength ratio of the global dye industry market is relatively low, and the business volume has decreased by more than 20%. In 1997, the global dye market was about US $5.7 billion, but it fell by 13% in 1998 and 10% in 1999, only US $4.5 billion. Although the decline rate slowed down in 2000, about US $4.4 billion, it may take one more time for the market to recover to the 1997 level. 5. The load of the rubber tensile testing machine is the same as the time of inspection. Asian manufacturers suffered the most, with the overall market turnover falling by 22%, leaving only about US $2billion. The reason for the depression of the dye industry is that after the Asian financial crisis, while the demand for dyes decreased, the global overcapacity led to price cutting competition among enterprises. However, the popularity of black and white clothing makes the use of single color, equal peak torque and less dye. However, since this year, fashion design seems to have resumed the use of bright and lively colors. Coupled with the improvement of the global economic boom since last year, it is expected that the consumption of dyes will rebound and the market will recover

at present, large European manufacturers have responded to the shrinking market output by means of mergers and acquisitions. Due to low labor costs, large and small dye factories have sprung up in Asia, accounting for about 49% of the total production capacity of the world. In order to survive and develop, major European manufacturers are committed to reform and strength. Asian enterprises also strive to give full play to their cost advantages, and strive to reach a higher level in production technology, product types, enterprise scale, etc., trying to occupy more shares in the market

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