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The world's first robotic endoscopic operating room was set up in Hong Kong. On December 17, the Eastern District Hospital of Hong Kong was established on the electronic pull electronic universal experimental machine, using many of the world's first high-definition robot systems to integrate endoscopic minimally invasive operating rooms. In the past nine months, the hospital has successfully performed cancer treatment and tissue grafting surgery for more than 50 patients in urology, colorectal surgery and hepatobiliary surgery with this set of advanced instruments

according to Hong Kong's Ta Kung Pao, the new system can enter the deeper structure of the tissue. For example, after prostatectomy, the robot arm can be used to flexibly reorganize and knot the urinary catheter, effectively improving the accuracy and success rate, and shortening the operation time by one third. The hospital plans to arrange 100 operations for similar diseases every year

carry out basic research and product development. It is reported that this robot system worth 38million Hong Kong dollars was donated by a philanthropist. The instrument includes four flexible mechanical arms, one of which is an endoscopic arm, and the other three operate various interventional surgical instruments respectively, which can provide doctors with three-dimensional high-definition images, penetration vision, multi-function test machine sensory effect and motion floating adjustment of Jinan testing machine factory. Its simulated wrist instrument has 7 activities of different ranges, and combines endoscopy and laparoscopy, so that when the attending doctor uses the system, As flexible as manual operation, it greatly improves the accuracy of surgery. Doctors can also conduct precision surgery through micro incision in real time, so as to reduce patient pain. The hospital also developed a three-dimensional video system to effectively enhance team communication and cooperation

it is reported that in addition to the Eastern District Hospital, Hong Kong Mary Hospital, wells hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital and Yanghe hospital are currently equipped with this kind of robot instrument, but only the eastern district hospital has established the world's first comprehensive robot endoscope. Minimally invasive surgery is mostly a humidification system that does not work in the operating room, combined with endoscopy and laparoscopy, as well as three-dimensional video at the same time

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