240000 tons of isooctane will be put into producti

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German beautification materials 240000 tons of isooctane will be put into production before the end of March

German American Chemical said on the interactive platform on Tuesday that the 240000 tons of isooctane project invested and constructed by Zhongwei chemical is expected to be put into production before March 31, 2015, and is currently in the process of tipping and overturning experiments; Bounce experiment; It is under normal construction as expected

pay attention to zero adjustment after pulling out the locating pin; When the extension was removed, according to the announcement in August 2014, the company provided 91.28 million yuan of financial assistance to Zhongwei chemical through bank entrusted loans

the main business of Demai chemical is development, production and sales: textile, printing and dyeing, leather. It plans to acquire 100% equity of water new material for a consideration of 780 million yuan to 820 million yuan, including leather, papermaking AIDS, printing aids, inks, coatings, polyurethane coating agents, etc

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