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Haida: analysis of test equipment

test equipment is an instrument that verifies the quality or performance of products or materials according to the design requirements before they are put into use. It can be seen from the definition that all instruments that verify the quality or performance can be called Junping testing machine, but sometimes they are also called detectors, testers, tensile machines, testing equipment, testers and so on. In the textile industry, it is used to be called a strong machine, which is actually a tensile testing machine. The testing machine is mainly used to measure the physical properties of materials or products, such as yield strength and tensile strength of steel, hydrostatic time measurement of pipes, fatigue life of doors and windows, etc. Those used to measure the chemical properties of materials, that is, the chemical composition, are generally called analyzers, not testing machines

test equipment includes: vibration test equipment, electrical test equipment, medical test equipment, electrical test equipment, automotive test equipment, communication test equipment, constant temperature test equipment, chemical test equipment, etc

Dongguan Haida Instrument Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production, sales and service of test equipment. Its products are widely used in scientific research, military, aviation, shipping, post and telecommunications, automobiles, motorcycles, electricians, chemicals, medical treatment, electronics, semiconductors, optoelectronics, machinery and other enterprises, institutions and school laboratories

the company has CNC punching machines imported from Germany, domestic advanced CNC bending machines, laser cutting machines, and adopts the most advanced domestic fully automatic electrostatic plastic spraying assembly line and other advanced processing equipment; It has experienced expert consultants and technical talents in the industry. They have been engaged in the research and design and manufacture of test equipment for more than ten years, and can accurately make technical solutions for customers

products of the company

environmental testing equipment

constant temperature and humidity test chamber (damp heat alternating test chamber), high and low temperature test chamber (high and low temperature alternating test chamber), cold and heat shock test chamber (temperature shock test chamber), rapid temperature change test chamber, high temperature aging test chamber, ultraviolet aging test chamber (xenon lamp weathering test chamber), precision oven (high temperature test chamber), salt spray test chamber (salt water spray tester), rain test chamber | device, Sulfur dioxide test chamber

battery testing equipment

sliding cover testing machine, flip over testing machine, battery impact testing machine, battery extrusion testing machine, battery anti explosion testing machine for measuring output, battery drop testing machine

material mechanics testing equipment

electronic tensile testing machine, universal material testing machine, wire swing testing machine (wire bending testing machine), friction resistance testing machine, plugging force testing machine, The international market of mechanical vibration test bench, electromagnetic vibration test bench, falling ball impact test machine and falling test machine will usher in the situation of fierce competition and rapid growth

packaging and printing testing equipment

rupture strength testing machine, carton compression testing machine, ring pressure strength testing machine, carton punching testing machine, ink decolorization testing machine, luggage testing equipment, single wing falling testing machine, double wing falling testing machine, Simulated transportation vibration test bench, moisture tester

Haida instrument is a manufacturer specializing in the production of packaging testing instruments, specializing in the sales of carton compression testing machine, paperboard testing machine, ring blank pressing testing machine, rupture strength testing machine, drop testing machine, packaging pressure testing machine and other related testing instruments. The company is committed to providing enterprises with overall laboratory solutions to help enterprises improve product quality and solve various product quality problems required by customers

for more details or needs, please call our company to ask the sales staff for the relevant catalogue or consult the relevant information. thank you! Haida Instrument Co., Ltd. consultation: - leave a distance of 20mm 1808/, company address http://www. Recycled plastic granulator equipment manufacturers encounter huge business opportunities. At present, the recycling rate of waste plastics in China is not high. Welcome to the company's website to browse more product details

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