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Analysis of liquid oxygen food packaging market

with the rapid development of China's beverage, dairy and other liquid food industries, the packaging industry of liquid food has also started, and the electromechanical industry has entered a period of rapid development, increasing its strength and wear resistance through appropriate heat treatment process Sometimes, special steel is inlaid at the jaw, or steel sand is sprayed on the jaw surface Gradually form the current market paper, plastic, glass and metal four major materials accounted for the mainstream of the packaging industry competition pattern. These four major materials are mainly plastic bags, pet plastic bottles, paper packaging, glass bottles and iron cans. According to the data of Canadean consulting company, in terms of market share, 1) PET plastic bottles account for more than 20%; 2) Aluminum cans, pasteurized plastic bags and sterile brick paper packaging account for 10% to 20% respectively; 3) Glass bottles, secondary sterilization plastic bottles and sterile plastic bags account for 5% to 9% respectively. The following will be a comparative analysis of the characteristics of packaging products made of different materials with equity participation:

compared with plastic bottles and glass bottles, brick and pillow paper Tetra Pak bags, roof bags, etc. have a relatively large volume ratio, and this packaging shape is easier to pack, transport and store. At the same time, the outer paper of paper packaging can print different patterns and patterns according to the demands of different products

compared with other packaging products made of other materials, pet plastic bottles are cheap, transparent, airtight, pressure resistant, and easy to shape. It not only solves the problems of bottle shape design, safety and transportation of glass containers, but also avoids the problems of shape design and opacity of metal containers. The above characteristics make it more and more widely used in beverage packaging

however, the main market position of easy pull aluminum cans in the beverage market, especially the carbonated beverage market, is still irreplaceable by products of other materials

although the packaging products of various materials have different markets, with the continuous improvement of PET plastic bottle technology and the emergence of upgraded products, coupled with the increasing demand of modern consumers for the convenience of carrying beverages, pet plastic bottles are gradually eroding the market share of other packaging products

it can be predicted that the competition of liquid food packaging products with different categories will become fierce, and sterile plastic bags will divide the market share of pure milk packaged with sterile pillow paper; High density polyethylene plastic bottles will compete for the market share of lactic acid bacteria drinks and yogurt packaged in roof paper with the increase of experimental power; Plastic bottles will also share the share of fruit juice drinks packaged with sterile paper, etc

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