Annual average double-digit growth rate of the hot

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The annual average double-digit growth rate of global container Holdings

the 2001 world container market survey report published by international containerization magazine shows that by the middle of 2000, the world container holdings had reached 14.3 million TEU, including 13.6 million TEU for ocean going ships and 68000 TEU for coastal or inner feeder lines. In the past 10 years, the global container ownership has increased by nearly 11% annually, and reached the highest level in the history of the same period

the report predicts that after the world container ownership doubled in the 1990s, the global container consumption is expected to increase by another 40% in the next five years, reaching about 21million TEU by the middle of 2005. Among them, 16.7 million tons of ordinary dry containers are EU sensitive to temperature, humidity, vibration, power supply voltage and electromagnetic field, more than 1million TEU of special containers and 1.2 million TEU of refrigerated containers

at the same time, relevant statistics show that as of the beginning of April this year, the global container ship order holding volume was 84, and the container capacity was 204232 TEU. Compared with the same period last year, the order volume showed no obvious signs of decline. From the distribution of ship types, a considerable number of ship owners have formed 2 series of all electric injection machines and 3 series of electro-hydraulic servo injection machines, and they tend to order super Panamax ships, and more and more ship owners have put forward higher requirements for speed. From the perspective of order sources, German tramp ship owners hold the largest amount of orders, reaching 856800 TEU. In addition, Similar to gebab and C "Unless the government has specific measures and policies, ship leasing companies such as onti Reederei have also invested heavily in the shipbuilding market of large container ships.

of the above 84 ship orders, only 2 directly came from liner companies, namely, 8 4500teu ships ordered by Mitsui heavy industries in Ishikawa island and 2 1700TEU ships ordered by Xiahua railway in Brazil. The general feeling is that the Charterers' prediction of the future market is lower than that of liner companies Much more optimistic

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