Tam says the federal government is examining all v

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Tam says the federal government is 'examining' all vaccine mandates | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Canada’s chief public health officer said Friday the federal government is actively reviewing all of its vaccine mandates with an eye to ending rules that force some people to get their COVID-19 shots.

Speaking at a press conference with reporters, Dr. Theresa Tam said the country’s public health officials are at a “very important juncture” andspecial_label?COVID-19 policies may soon shift from “an emphasis on requirements to recommendations.”

The federal government currently demands that all federal public servants, workers in federally regulated industries and the transportation sector and members of the travelling public get their COVID-19 shots if they want to go to work, fly on a plane or travel by train.

“The Treasury Board is actively examining all these policiesThe highest ever in a 24-hour period, bringing Thailand,” Tam saidRates of hospitalization, ICU admission from COVID-19 rising across Canada: Tam, referring to the branch of government that is nominally the employer of all federal civil servantsThe histories that are eventually written o.

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