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I came in to contact with Swedish Yvonne B?rjesson when a client of mine wanted a full make over of their Mallorca home and I had no clue where to start. I had heard about her and really like the design update she made in La Paloma Restaurant in the old town in Palma. Yvonne is the living legend of Home Couture and have spent all her life in fashion and design business. She still has her house in Paris but admits she loves the island and spend a lot of her time in Mallorca.

We agreed to meet in a nice café in Palma for a coffee and she insisted that we both set off at least an hour for the first meetup. As a true swede she steps in exactly on time and with a big smile sits down next to me. “I thought it’s easier if I show you some of my work and what I do when we talk”The wave comes for them., she says. I felt like Christmas had come early when she carefully layed out samples of her own designed fabrics in different colours. Yvonne starts to explain how she works with the different materials and presents photos of the type of furniture she has produced locally in Mallorca.

The same material she wears in her jacket, looks completely different on a footstool or an ornamental cushion. Knitted materials, real leather, a lot of linen and natural materials are in the collection that she offers and since 2008 she produces tailormade furniture as wellThe home front, and whether they are more needed there.. I stared at a super cool orange sofa that you can find in the real estate boutique of Fantastic Frank in Palma. “I made the drawings for that sofa in the shop” she says as she smiles. “The client had very anonymous furniture beforeThe phase of COVID-19 history that we, and I wanted something that would make people stop and look. A little later I added a white/orange puff with perforated leather that brings some fun in to the room”

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